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Meet with Anthony Rolle who is an Author of A new Book known as "My Life of Dreams And From God”

Author :  Respicius Francis  
Again, as the CEO of had another privilege to interview Anthony Rolle  who  is  an  author of   A new book     which  is known  as   My Life of Dreams And From God”
  And here are the following questions I asked him.

Respicius Francis :Tell us about yourself 
Anthony Rolle :I was Born and raised in the heart of Miami Gardens, Fl which is a very rough city to grow up in. Growing up, I was known for being a class clown but I made sure I did my school work (giggles). All of my life I’ve been involved with sports and I always excelled in them, even if I was new at it. In the year of 2012, that is when I decided to fully surrender my life over to the Lord and I am happily married to my wonderful wife Marilyn Rolle.
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,Respicius Francis :what is your book concern about ??
My book is about what my life is like and what everyone’s life can become, when intimacy is apart of it. In the book you’ll be taken on a journey of heavenly revelations in which I love to call “conversations” with the Lord. The book doesn’t tell you what I’ve been through in order for me to surrender my life to the Lord but, it does show you what my life is like on a consistent basis by the encounters and conversations you’ll be reading about.
Respicius Francis :what does it mean by that of the “My Life of Dreams And
Revelations From God”
Anthony Rolle :“My life of Dreams And Revelations from God” means what a life is like being a friend of the Lord. Dreams happens to be the ancient way God speaks and communicates with humanity and revelations is the Devine, eye-opening understanding and unveiling information that comes only from the Lord that is now being released to you.
Respicius Francis: How long did it take to accomplish writing that book ?
Anthony Rolle :it took me 7 months to actually sit down and write it but the book was developing inside of me for 4 years. The interesting thing about the book is that I couldn’t write about anything you will read until I actually experienced it so, imagine the consistency and focus you had to have to remain in the place to receive such awesome words of wisdom and encounters.
Respicius Francis :How many books you have succeeded to write up now??
Anthony Rolle :This book happens to actually be my first to write and become published.
Respicius Francis Which challenges did you face during writing this book??
Anthony Rolle :I’ve faced so many challenges in completing this book. When I first started writing the book I was on page 15 and the next morning it was completely erased from my usb and computer, I was being mentally tormented by the enemy so I dealt with major migraines and headaches for months and last I lost a lot of sleep. There were times where I would get off of work at midnight and I would still be up until 7 or 8 am in the morning writing or crying literally.
Respicius Francis Who sponsored you in that work??
Anthony Rolle :In the course of writing this book I wasn’t sponsored at all. Nothing wasn’t given to me. This was based upon Gods promise to me just like his promise is to you.
.@Respicius Francis Which issue that pushed you to write that book??
Anthony Rolle : What issue pushed me to write it was the fact of how easy it was to encounter the Lord and how often it was happening to me.The Bible says that after Jesus resurrected he appeared flesh and bones to 500 more people in the villages at once( 1 Corinthians 15:6). How amazing it is to know that. Jesus Christ has the ability to appear to you in the form of his resurrected body. That news made me seek him differently.
Respicius FrancisHow is the response of people towards your book??
Anthony Rolle :The response of the people about the book is amazing. There are hundreds of testimonies that are happening to the lives of people through the teachings and revealings of the things in the book.
Respicius FrancisWhich means are you using to advertise your book ??
Anthony Rolle :I’m using the social media platform to promote it, blogging sites and news channels sites. I’m looking forward to hitting the livestream very soon with television appearances and radio interviews as well. There have been several book events hosted in the city that I’ll be at which is another thing I’m grateful for.
Respicius Francis What is your plan on advertising your book in out side of your Country ??
Anthony Rolle :Well, the way I want to advertise it outside of the country will be through social media, which is the easiest and fastest route. Besides that, I would love to actually go to a church or other events to actually speak about the book so that they too can experience in live action what I mean by true intimacy in the presence of God.
Respicius will give you the offer of advertising your book in Tanzannia and East Africa in general
are you ready??
Anthony Rolle :Of course I am ready. I hope East Africa is ready to hear from the heart of the Heavenly Father.
Respicius Francis :Do you know anything about the country of Tanzania?
Anthony Rolle :To be quite honest, I’ve never heard of the Tanzania.
Respicius Francis:Which country would you like to visit in AFRICA if it happens you
come in Africa.??
Anthony Rolle :If I was to be invited to Africa I’ll probably go to a part where i can experience the city life. I get home sick very quickly

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Respicius Francis  ,CEO of who conduct this  interview..
Contacts :whatsap: +255 755 515 906
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Anthony Rolle’s Newly Released “My Life of Dreams and Revelations from God” is the Astonishing Testimony of How a Young Rebel Becomes a Prophet and Champion for God

My Life of Dreams and Revelations from God” from Christian Faith Publishing author Anthony Rolle is the awe-inspiring true story of how a troubled, rebellious youth was steered away from a wayward path in college to become an anointed prophet and end-times leader for God, spurred on by heavenly visions and out-of-body experiences that not only deepened his intimacy with the Holy Spirit, but also opened him to revelations and encounters with the spiritual realm

“My Life of Dreams and Revelations from God”: an inspiring testimony for anointing the reader to God’s purpose and glory. “My Life of Dreams and Revelations from God” is the creation of published author Anthony Rolle, who was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and pursued a basketball career and a rebellious lifestyle in college, a tumultuous time that eventually brought him face to face with God.
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Rolle shares the moment everything changed: “I was awakened out of my sleep at 2:00 a.m. It was quite weird this night; everything around me was very still and quiet as if life was on pause. I felt vulnerable and loose from protection as if the anointing I slept and walked in daily had lifted up off me. At that moment, I began to panic, and I heard the soft whisper from the Holy Spirit and he said, ‘Pray.’ He then reminded me of the scripture: ‘For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind’ (2 Timothy 1:7). Immediately, I began to pray and plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my mind, body, and soul. Once I ended the prayer, I instantly fell into a deep sleep. I fell asleep so fast that I didn’t remember looking up at the ceiling, touching the remote control, or even ending the prayer honestly; and what happened to me after that, I never knew it was going to be the beginning of a journey into a place known as the spiritual realm.”
Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Anthony Rolle’s new book takes the reader on a breathtaking, humbling experience that will enable the Holy Spirit to move in their lives even as their eyes are opened to the spiritual battle all around them.
Through these pages, Rolle acts as an inspiring guide and a gentle shepherd for those willing to answer the heavenly call.
View a synopsis of “My Life of Dreams and Revelations from God” on YouTube.
Consumers can purchase “My Life of Dreams and Revelations from God” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.
For additional information or inquiries about “My Life of Dreams and Revelations from God”, contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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Purchase your copy of " Standing " today on Amazon.

 Purchase your copy of  " Standing  "  today on Amazon. ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿพ…/1985798859
Standing takes us on a personal journey of perseverance through adversity to fulfill a God ordained assignment. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events are purely coincidental. This second project is dedicated in loving memory of the late James and Mattie Davis- Adams. To all who have lost someone and found the Comforter. Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. -John 14:1 (KJV)
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                     by  Respicius Francis  
                                             Again, as the CEO of had another privilege to interview  KENNETH RORABAUGH an entrepreneur from United State of America (U.S). He is carrying out different issues including business as a matter of generating income but also to motivate and inspire young people and entrepreneurs at large. He is one of the few young entrepreneurs dared and took risk to make sure his dreams comes true through self employment (entrepreneurship)
  Here are the following questions I asked him.
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RESPICIUS  FRANCIS: Tell us about yourself:
KENNETH RORABAUGH :I am a 35 year old  adventurous man who loves life and living each day to its fullest. I believe in working had but playing hard as well as we honour a balance between mind body and soul.  I grew up in Chula Vista, California (South San Diego) and now reside in San Francisco via San Diego and Palm Springs part time.  I am the youngest of 5 and grew up in a hard working Muti cultural traditional household. I have worked in the senior housing industry for 14 years as a 3rd generation administrator. I am blessed to have discovered this industry at an early age as I love helping seniors. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, painting, working out (though I need to get back in shape), reading self help books,  family time and amusement parks. I believe in trying new things and living without fear. 

   RESPICIUS  FRANCIS::Which business are you dealing with in U.S?

KENNETH RORABAUGH :I am the founder, President and CEO of Treehouse Senior Living LLC. Our motto is Youthfulness Redefined.   Our company has three branches including Senior Placement and Referrals Resources, Property Management with our first location in the Greater Palm Springs area and in Home Concierge Services.  

 RESPICIUS  FRANCIS: Why have you decided to do that business?
KENNETH RORABAUGH :I have been in the senior housing industry for 14 years and love what I do. I personally experienced how hard it was for gay seniors to Dresden in a. community environment. Many are forced to go back into "the closet." I decided to create my own brand which promotes all individuals while providing the very best care and services to the seniors that we serve. In addition, my father and grandfather were administrators as well so I guess it runs in our blood.

 RESPICIUS  FRANCIS: Are you employed by the government of private sector? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :We are a private company with no connection to the government other than paying our taxes and licensing

  RESPICIUS  FRANCIS: :If you are employed how are you managing to do your self business? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :With the support of an amazing team, my three Vice Presidents who are my colleagues, friends and part of my tribe. I also have consultants that I call upon to assist us and a team of Independent contractors that represent our brand and work for commission.  I believe in a higher power and believe that we attract the energy that we put out so I am very blessed and plan on giving back to those less fortunate and in being active members of our communities that we serve. 

RESPICIUS  FRANCIS:  Am sure you must be facing some challenges, which are they? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :Finaces and being able to train our new team while dealing with licensing and developing Policies and Procedures can be a but difficult but excellent time management and being able to delegate to our leadership team and call for assistance is crucial.  A Good leader must know when to follow and when to lead. 

RESPICIUS  FRANCIS:  Is the U.S government giving you cooperation when you want to startyour business ? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :Yes, we are fully licensed and able to provide services in California. We plan our official grand opening on July 1st in Palm Springs and will also be able to provide referrals to seniors nationwide who seek out assistance in locating retirement communities.  

  RESPICIUS  FRANCIS:How much did you use as a capital to start your business? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :About $2000  combined for licensing as a LLC, website, collateral material, our telephone system for referrals and emails. A lot of time and energy is required and Passion.

 RESPICIUS  FRANCIS: How do you advertise your business? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :Social media, emails blasts and grassroots marketing meaning creating relationships with local senior centres, 

 RESPICIUS  FRANCIS:. Is the business environment in U.S good especially for youth? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :Its good for assessing elders which is a part of every society. We are called upon to help our elders and treat them with love and respect. Senior Living is highly profitable if done right with a heart and passion to serve. It is also former growing. We are proud to be the first brand in the United States dedicated to LGBTQ Seniors though we serve ALL who are young at heart. 

RESPICIUS  FRANCIS: .Is it easy for the entrepreneur like you to get loan?
 KENNETH RORABAUGH :I did take out small loans from family but none through banks. We do work with owners and investors though to create mutual beneficial partnerships. Getting loans depend on your credit score.

 RESPICIUS  FRANCIS: Which way the U.S government is using to help the youths who are employed? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :The government does provide career centres in major cities across the government to help with resume building, interview skills and how to search and apply for jobs. Theres also provide programs such as Job corps for challenged youths

 . RESPICIUS  FRANCIS: Do you know anything about the country of Tanzania? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :I know it is a beautiful country with a diverse group of people and languages that is surrounded by Mt Kilamajaro and Victoria Falls. It is home to the discovery of the first human skull and the most expensive wood in the world(Africa Blackwood Trees) 

   RESPICIUS  FRANCIS:What are your future expectations in relation to your business? 
KENNETH RORABAUGH :We will continue to grow our brand nationwide and hopefully internationally within 10 years.  The goal is to help seniors and help those who are underserved. 

Treehouse Senior Living, LLC | Youthfulness Redefined
Office: 1-800-679-1185 |  Fax: 1-800-394-6056
mobile number +1-619-366-7318

Ken Rorabaugh

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Respicius Francis  ,CEO of who conduct this  interview..
Contacts :whatsap: +255 755 515 906
                Phone:   +255 655 515 906

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Choir director on a musical journey

By Shamiya Harris |
A musician by day and choir director by night, Jarius “Jay” Williams began his musical journey at Greater St. Mark Primitive Baptist Church. He was the piano player for the youth choir.
His grandmother, Carrie Butler, who is also a member, gave him his piano lessons as a young boy out of his grandfather’s cleaners in nearby Havana.
Williams said he received his vision of directing choir back in 2009 at the tender age of 16 while playing the piano for the youth choir and directing it. At 16, he began his community choir Jay Williams and Total Praise with just his grandmother, mother, cousins and a few friends.
“My goal is to bring real choir music back to Tallahassee,” Williams said.
Williams’ family grew up in the Lake Jackson community in Tallahassee and they all have a musical background. Williams came out with his first EP before the age of 20 and has traveled all over the U.S sharing his gift. One of his original members, Cambridge McGill, who is also featured on both of Total Praises albums, said it is an honor working with him. Williams is serious about his craft, he said.
 “Rehearsals are always, always, always uplifting no matter what is  going on. We always find time to give God total praise,” McGill said.
Nine years later Williams is still working in the community and Total Praise has released its second album, “Total Praise Experience II.”
 Williams has since became the new choir director for the FAMU gospel choir and plans on using his gift of knowing good choir music to reach many throughout the community.
Williams said he looks up to legends as the late gospel musician and founder of Cosmopolitan church of prayer, Charles G. Hayes and Ricky Dillard as his mentors. He hopes that they can guide him in the right direction to become a legend in choir music.
Williams also says since 2009 Total Praise has grown and the  members are more like family than anything else. The group consists of several altos, sopranos and tenors. And, yes, his grandmother is still singing with total praise after recently suffering a stroke. He uses her as his motivation to keep going and keep his dream alive. He says his grandmother never made excuses and still presses on even through illness.
 He plans to make her proud. She is also featured on his album as well.
 CREDITY  BY   ://

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Duvalier Malone: The Murder of Emmett Till It's never too late for justice to prevail

\By: Duvalier Malone
The Murder of Emmett Till: It's never too late for justice to prevail

                                                   MR;Duvalier Malone 

1955 was perhaps the most important year in American history. This was the year that 14-year-old Emmett Louis Till was kidnapped from his home and brutally murdered by two white men in the state of Mississippi, because he supposedly whistled at and made sexual advances towards one of the men's wives, Carolyn Bryant Donham. (83-year-old Donham has since admitted that she lied.)
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sitting and indoor
Images of Emmett's body rocked the nation, sending social and political shock-waves that continue to reverberate throughout our society to this very day. The two men that committed the murder, Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Milam (now both deceased), were acquitted by an all-white jury in one of the most egregious showings of injustice in an American courtroom. Years later, both men admitted to the murder but were never retried.
In the past 62 years, there have been many who have struggled to cope with the great injustice that was done to Emmett Till and the injustice done to his family, those courageous survivors whose entire family line has been marred and mutilated by racism, just as young Emmett was marred and mutilated by those two racist men who were motivated by nothing but their hatred of African Americans. 
For many years, I have joined with the Till family and many others who believe that justice has long been overdue. I have held rallies both in my home-state of Mississippi and in my new home, Washington DC, calling for government officials to do the right thing.
Now we can announce that we are energized by the news that the Justice Department has finally relaunched a probe into the racially-charged murder of young Emmett. I welcome this news and I am hopeful for justice to prevail.  
While I celebrate this moral achievement of our justice system, I also feel saddened because Emmett's mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, who fought the hardest for justice for her son, didn't live to see this day. She passed in 2003, and while I did not know her, I can only imagine that she would have experienced tears of joy to know that all of her hard work had not gone in vain.
I am strengthened to know that the rest of the Till family will finally get some semblance of closure. I've witnessed for many years as the Till family survivors have fought passionately and fearlessly for justice for their lost family member, Emmett. I pledged to them a long time ago that I would do whatever I could to help them receive justice for Emmett, and I still plan to work diligently in this cause. 
I've been walking in this path for a long time now. Ever since I read the story of Emmett Till as a young boy and saw the horrible images of his body, I have been consumed by the desire for justice. After all, I was born and raised in Mississippi. I have many white friends back home, but in a different time, I would have been considered to be an “uppity [n-word]” who "didn't know his place", and I would have been subjected to the same murderous brutality as Emmett Till. 
I'll be the first person to tell you that the Mississippi that exists today is not the same Mississippi that existed back then. However, I will also tell you that racism is very much alive and thriving, not only in Mississippi, but throughout the entire country. This is why I strongly believe that all of us who believe in equality must take bold stands against the hatred that threatens to derail all of the progress that America has made.
I have spoken out many times against President Trump and how he has contributed to the division that exists in our society. But I commend him for appointing justice department officials that are willing and courageous enough to take another look at the circumstances surrounding the murder of Emmett Till; and I hope that they will do the right thing.
There are many who will say that this is nothing but a smokescreen, and that nothing substantial will come out of the Justice Department deciding to reopen the Till investigation.
I strongly disagree.
Trust me, I don't live in a fantasy world. I know that even though Carolyn Bryant Donham gave a confession and admitted that her lies caused the murder of Emmett, the chances of a conviction are slim to none. A white woman has never been convicted of a civil rights crime. Why not? I couldn't tell you.
But while the chances for a conviction are razor thin, I do still believe in the justice system of America. I believe in the principles that govern our country, and I know that there is a conscience deep down within America that, if we just keep digging, we will unearth it and use it to finally give justice to those who deserve it.
I challenge you, the reader, to find your conscience deep within yourself. It doesn't matter if you're white, black, asian or hispanic: I just need you to imagine for a moment that your 14-year-old son, 14-year-old brother, 14-year-old cousin or 14-year-old grandson had been murdered in the same manner as Emmett Till – for nothing. Imagine your family member being kidnapped from your home, beaten, mutilated, then shot, and his body thrown in a river.
Now that you have imagined that horror, consider this: The Till family has lived in that horror. So they deserve this. The Till family survivors deserve peace. They may never find peace, but I am hopeful that the Justice Department will be able to give them at least a semblance of closure.
Even if they don't, this is still a step in the right direction; because there's a new Emmett Till being killed in our streets everyday. The Justice Department has finally opened the door for justice for victims throughout the country.
This needs to happen; because when we allow people to murder and they don't face any consequences in spite of invalidating evidence, then what does that say about our society?
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Purchase your copy of "Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish" today on Amazon.

 Purchase your copy of "Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish" today on Amazon. Kindle version available also.

Purchase your copy of "Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish" today on Amazon. Kindle version available also."Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish" is a self-awareness book intended to provide the reader with a three-step process on how to utilize the universal law of attraction. Success starts within, and with Change Your Subconscious and Accomplish you will learn how to literally "Change your mind" for the better. The author uses personal stories as a way to create clear imagery to draw connections between the reader and themself.ฯ€%3DAC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=change+your+subconscious