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Saturday, March 17, 2018

10:29 PM

ICC yawateuwa majaji 3 kushughulikia kesi za Uhuru, Ruto zilizoondolewa mahakamani

Mwandishi: Christopher Oyier  

Mahakama ya kimataifa ya jinai (ICC) imewapa majaji watatu jukumu la kushughulikia kesi za Rais Uhuru Kenyatta na naibu wa rais William Ruto -Kesi za wawili hao zilitupiliwa mbali baada ya mashahidi kujiondoa kwenye kesi hizo huku wengine wakikana ushahidi wao -Mwaka wa 2016, ICC iliwaondolea lawama naibu wa rais William Ruto na mwanahabari Joshua Arap Sang ikisema kuwa kesi dhidi yao haikuwa na ushahidi wa kutosha 

Huenda kesi dhidi ya Rais Uhuru Kenyatta na naibu wake William Ruto kwenye mahakama ya jinai ya ICC zikarejelewa baada ya mahakama hiyo kuwateuwa majaji watatu kushughulikia kesi hizo. ICC imewateuwa majaji Robert Fremr, Reine Alapini-Gansou na Kimberly Prost kwenye mahakama ya IV katika kesi dhidi ya Uhuru, Ruto na mwanahabari Joshua Arap Sang.  

Kesi dhidi ya watatu hao zilififia baada ya mashahidi wakuu kujiondoa na wengine kukana ushahidi wao  
Wakili wa Uhuru, Ruto na Sang Anton Steynberg alikubali kuwa kesi hiyo ilikosa mwelekeo kutoka upande wa mashtaka na kuisababisha kusambaratika. Upande wa mashtaka ulidai kuwa kesi hiyo ilidhoofishwa na kushambuliwa kwa mashahidi na kuwa Kenya haikushirikiana na mahakama nao.  
ICC ilidai kuwa Kenya ilikataa kuwasilisha habari za benki na nyaraka zingine muhimu za washtakiwa pamoja na kukosa kuwashurutisha mashahidi kufika mahakamani. Mwaka wa 2016, ICC ilifutilia mbali kesi dhidi ya Ruto na Sang ikidai kuwa ilikosa ushahidi wa kutosha, hatua za kuiondoa kesi hiyo mahakamani zikianza 2014 kupitia kwa mwendesha mashtaka mkuu Fatou Bensouda.  
Kwenye uamuzi wao, majaji Chile Eboe-Osuji na Robert Fremr walitupilia mbali ushahidi wa mwendesha mashtaka mkuu Fatou Bensouda na kuwaachilia Ruto na Sang. Uhuru alikuwa ameshtakiwa kwa makosa ya mauwaji, ubakaji, kuwatesa watu na kuwafukuza nchini kama mtu aliyeshiriki kwenye ghasia iliyosambaa Kenya baada ya uchaguzi mkuu wa mwaka wa 2007 ambapo zaidi ya watu 1,000 waliuwawa. 
9:04 AM

”It Was Painful Shaking Hands With Uhuru, I did It For Peace”- Raila

Raila said that it was a painful decision to make but after deep thought on challenges facing the country, he had no option.
“I sat with President Uhuru to sign the memorandum because I greatly considered the interests of the country,” Raila said.
“It was, however, a painful decision to make but in order to deal with a myriad of challenges facing Kenyans I had to do so,” he added.
Raila-Uhuru handshake erased poll feud, ended opposition politics
The ODM party leader was addressing leaders at Kisii Sports Club before he attended University don and politician Alloys Tumbo Oeri’s burial at Mosocho.
Raila said he and Uhuru will engage more on how to heal the country.
“We have remained silent since we signed the MoU because we were waiting for reactions from Kenyans and so far the reception is impressive,” he said.
The country, Raila said must remain united as its forefathers wished.
He said that the MoU seeks to address issues of insecurity, corruption, tribalism, poverty and divisive in elections.
Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka, Governor James Ongwae, his deputy Joash Maangi, senator Sam Ongeri and Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati were among other guests attended the burial ceremony.
Oeri who died following a cardiac arrest was the uncle to Kitutu Chache South MP Richard Onyonka.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

9:32 AM

Tunataka Raila aseme 'Ruto Tosha 2022'- Aden Duale

Mwandishi: Lauryn Kusimba 

Aden Duale amemtaka Raila Odinga kumuunga mkono naibu wa rais William Ruto katika uchaguzi mkuu wa 2022. 

Aden Duale amedai kuwa serikali ya Jubilee inatafuta mbinu mwafaka ya kumtumia Raila Odinga ili kumwezesha naibu wa rais William Ruto kunyakua kiti cha urais 2022 -Duale aliongezea kuwa, Raila anapaswa kumuunga mkono Ruto ili chama chake cha ODM kinufaike pakubwa wakati wa utawala wa Ruto -
 Aidha, Duale aliongezea kuwa yuko tayari kupeana nafasi yake ya kiongozi wa wengi katika bunge kwa chama cha ODM endapo Raila atasema'Ruto Tosha 2022' 
Kiongozi wa wengi katika bunge, Aden Duale amemtaka Raila Odinga kumuunga mkono naibu wa rais William Ruto katika uchaguzi mkuu wa 2022 

Wakijadijili kuhusu hatua ya Raila na Uhuru kushiriki mazungumzo katika bunge, Duale alisema kuwa Jubilee inatafuta mbinu kabambe kupitia kwa Raila Odinga ambayo itamuwezesha Ruto kunyakuwa urais ifikapo 2022. Duale pia alidai kuwa atakuwa tayari kupeana cheo chake cha kiongozi wa wengi katika bunge endapo Raila asema 'Ruto Tosha mwaka wa 2022. " Tunataka Raila Odinga amuunge mkono William Ruto katika uchaguzi wa 2022, hivyo basi tutapatia chama chake nafasi ya unaibu wa rais au cheo chochote watakachotaka" Duale alisema.  
Aden Duale amemtaka Raila Odinga kumuunga mkono naibu wa rais William Ruto katika uchaguzi mkuu wa 2022.  

Hata hivyo ,Ruto amewahimiza viongozi kutozungumzia masuala ya 2022 na badala yake wazingatie maendeleo ya nchi kwa sasa. Duale ambaye pia ni mbunge wa Garissa mjini, alikuwa miongoni mwa viongozi waliofurahishwa na hatua ya rais Uhuru Kenyatta na Raila Odinga kushiriki mazungumzo ya kumaliza mizozo ya kisiasa kati yao  
7:53 AM

WHY The Raila Uhuru Dialogue Is The Only Way To Progressive Peaceful Change,## Baba Is Genius !

 Some of Kenya’s most progressive strategists were taken aback by the abrupt change in strategy but do not dispute that dialogue was always the goal of the pressure;
– Raila worried that the current course of resistance was taking Kenya towards a catastrophic loss of life, strengthening hardliners even more.
– Most supporters also worry if Uhuru can possibly embrace serious change – and bring along the powerful oligarchic elite.
– Millions in the movement recognize that Kenya’s future requires the dialogue succeed.
– What other option exists to achieve meaningful change outside Raila’s gambit at this particular moment?
THE MASS grassroots movement that rapidly coalesced around the rigged outcome of the August election is easily the largest ever in Kenya’s independent history. It is notable also because of its immense staying power and its uncompromising demands on not just Uhuru Kenyatta but its own leader Raila Odinga.
Kenya has produced many strong opposition leaders from the first days of independence, but never has the opposition agenda been dictated by the people themselves as in this current resistance movement. Segments of this extremely democratic resistance took on even their own decades-long leader Raila Odinga when he seemed to be delaying his swearing in as the People’s President. Many are doing so again now over the cooperation with Uhuru.
The movement has held together despite its inability to extract any concessions from Uhuru’s regime, and despite the non-appearance of three of the four NASA principals when the swearing in was finally held Jan 30th. . But it now confronts its greatest challenge as it struggles to understand Raila Odinga’s dramatic reordering of Kenya’s political landscape and evolution with his decision to begin a programme of national reform and reconciliation with Uhuru Kenyatta.
Uhuru is considered by most NASA supporters to be the embodiment of injustices that the country has witnessed in the last seven months, as well as of the exclusion and impoverishment that has been the lot of most Kenyans and their communities at the hands of a corrupt and massively wealthy elite.
But there was one profound problem for the resistance: its seven months of protests and mobilization had made little serious headway in achieving its goals, while tensions, especially ethnic tensions, were mounting. It was clear to Raila that while the continuation of the strategy of legitimate confrontation had mass support, it could end up in bloodshed.
That would set back the entire social democratic struggle and strengthen the hands of those within Uhuru’s camp who favoured an even less democratic, more force-oriented order. That is why Raila had always said that dialogue with an agreed agenda was the only way to achieve national amity and other political and economic goals.
Uhuru also saw that the confrontation was taking its toll and undermining stability and economic activity and the legitimacy of his government. Through intermediaries Raila leaned that Uhuru was willing to make compromises that would deliver desperately needed political and economic reforms. Mandela had cooperated with de Klerk; Le Duc Tho of Vietnam, which lost millions of lives to American bombing, negotiated an end to that war with Henry Kissinger.
Raila himself had met President Kibaki, admittedly under somewhat different circumstances, despite the rigging and killings that followed the 2007 election, calling an end to the passionate demonstrations underway – which then led to the five best years Kenya had seen since independence.
Similarly Raila’s cooperation with President Moi in the late 1990s had horrified most of his supporters but it was among the key elements for the vast progress that Kenya saw subsequently, including in democratic inclusion and the only honest election we ever had (2002). So Raila decided he would meet Uhuru in an effort to achieve a peaceful settlement to the divisions that have been ripping Kenya apart despite the adoption of the 2010 Constitution.
There is obvious widespread unhappiness in the base over the Uhuru meeting, but it is primarily over how it was done. The discontent was expected, how could it not have been when the strategy till now had been to mobilize mass resistance against the Uhuru Ruto regime? Some of Kenya’s most progressive strategists were taken aback by this abrupt change, but even they do not dispute that dialogue was always the goal. There were reasons for the secrecy behind the meeting, but were its negative consequences not too strong to counteract it? Has Uhuru not already obtained what he most sought, legitimacy, and a diminution, if not an end to the resistance?
Many also rightly worry about whether someone like Uhuru can possibly embrace serious change. And that even if he has had an unexpected conversion, how can he bring on board members of the elite who surround him and have prospered mightily under the current arrangements and resisted even small changes?
There is the inevitable propaganda one expects after a radical shift in the political calculus that seeks to portray Raila as having sold out. In his long political career spanning the denial of three presidential electoral victories, Raila has been much sought after by the oligarchs wanting him to join the establishment. As the only leader in the last quarter century who seriously challenged the status quo with a mass following which kept growing, he would have been a dream catch for them.
He never succumbed, and he was not about to do so in the twilight of a distinguished political career which few African presidents can rival. In fact he has paid a terrible price for his commitment to fight for Kenya’s most deprived and discarded.
Raila will continue fighting for the goals his base ardently seeks. He is not naïve enough to believe that success is guaranteed, and will of course immediately call it off if it is not yielding results.
Some are postulating that Raila moved to work with Uhuru to neutralize other political leaders. This is utter nonsense. Political realignments are inevitable after this profound shift in Raila’s strategy, but those were not his motivation for this initiative. It’s also utterly counterproductive for Raila’s supporters to attack leaders who are not attacking or undermining him. Kalonzo Musyoka has stood with him through two tough election cycles and withstood enormous pressures to abandon Raila. We need to respect all those who genuinely disagree with him but are not fighting his last great effort for a much better Kenya.
Those who want meaningful change in Kenya should support the cooperation with Uhuru that Raila has begun. Millions in the movement recognize that Kenya’s future requires the dialogue succeed. What other option exists to achieve this outside Raila’s gambit at this moment?
Salim Lone, Adviser,
H.E. Raila Odinga,
Republic of Kenya

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

5:37 PM

Raila ataka wapinzani wa Chama chake kuunga mkono majadiliano na Uhuru

Nairobi, Kenya. Kiongozi wa ODM, Raila Odinga amewaomba wabunge kutoka chama chake kuunga mkono majadiliano yaliyofikiwa katika kikao cha Ijumaa kati yake na Rais Uhuru Kenyatta.

Odinga aliwataka wabunge hao wasiyumbishwe na watu waliojipanga kwa ajili ya uchaguzi mkuu wa mwaka 2022.

Aliwaambia wabunge wa chama hicho kwamba mkutano uliofanyika kwenye Ofisi za Rais zilizoko Jengo la Harambee Ijumaa iliyopita ni matokeo ya tukio la Januari 30 ambapo Raila aliapa kama rais wa watu.

Aliwahimiza kutumia kikamilifu fursa ya mpango uliofikiwa ili kuhakikisha mazungumzo ya kitaifa yanaanza.

"Mnapaswa kuunga mkono mazungumzo ya kitaifa kwa sababu ni zao la kuapa kwetu," alisema Raila wakati wa mkutano uliofanyika katika Jengo la Orange Jumanne.

Katika kile kilichoonekana kuwa ni kijembe kilicholengwa kuwafikia vinara wa muungano wa Nasa, Raila alisema: "Ni kile kiapo ndicho kimezaa juhudi za kuelekea mazungumzo ya kitaifa. Mlikuwa wapi Januari 30 kabla ya kuanza kutuuliza maswali? "

Aliwaambia wabunge kuwa mabadiliko ya mwelekeo yalikuwa muhimu ikiwa chama hicho kinataka kunufaika na ushindani wa siasa siku zijazo.

"Hatutafika popote ikiwa tutajiingiza katika ukinzani ambao tumekuwa tukishiriki kipindi cha miaka mitano iliyopita. Tutakosa mengi na tunaweza tusiwe madhubuti katika kushinikiza mageuzi kwa sababu tutakuwa tunapiga porojo badala ya kusemezana."

Raila alizungumzia hata mvutano uliosababisha mgawanyiko wa upinzani ndani ya Bunge wakati wanachama wengine wa Nasa walipigania nafasi za uongozi zilizotengwa kwa ajili ya wapinzani.

Ili kuonyesha dhamiri yake kwa mkutano kati ya Rais Kenyatta na Raila, chama hicho kiliandamana hoja ya kutafuta msaada wa mabunge yote mawili ili kupitisha ajenda yenye hatua tisa ambazo viongozi wawili hao walikubaliana baada ya mkutano wao wa Ijumaa iliyopita.
7:10 AM

Umoja wa Mataifa yawapa pongezi Uhuru Kenyatta na Raila Odinga kwa kukutana

Umoja wa Mataifa umewapongeza viongozi wa Kenya baada ya kiongozi wa muungano wa Upinzani wa NASA, Raila Odinga kukutana na Rais, Uhuru Kenyatta kwa mara ya kwanza na kufikia makubaliano ya kuondoa mvutano wa kisiasa.
Hatua hiyo ya Raila Odinga imepokelewa kwa hisia tofauti na baadhi ya wanachama wa upinzani wanaohisi kitendo hicho ni usaliti.
Akizungumzia pongezi hizo kutoka Umoja wa Mataifa wakati wa mahojiano na DW, Mwanasheria na mchambuzi wa masuala ya kisiasa kutoka nchini Kenya, Agina Ojwang amesema kuwa UN na taasisi mbalimbali wanaelewa kwa kina maana halisi ya mkutano kati ya rais Kenyatta na Odinga.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

3:31 PM

Msanii aburuzwa mahakamani kwa kutoa wimbo unaokashfu kabila la Wakamba huko Kenya

John Gichiri Njau akiwa katika mahakama ya Nairobi Machi 12, 2018 alikoshtakiwa kwa makosa 3 ya uchochezi dhidi ya jamii ya Wakamba kupitia kwa muziki wake. Aliachiliwa kwa dhamana ya Sh700,000. Kesi kusikizwa Aprili 11. Picha/Paul Waweru

Huwa inakuwa furaha pale msanii wa muziki yeyote duniani anapotoa wimbo mpya na kupokelewa vizuri na mashabiki wake lakini huwa mambo yanakuwa magumu zaidi pale wimbo huo unapokuwa na mistari yenye ukakasi au inayoleta taharuki kwenye jamii.
Hii imempata msanii wa muziki wa nyimbo za asili nchini Kenya,  John Gichiri Njau maarufu kama Isaiah kwa kuburuzwa mahakamani baada ya kuachia video ya wimbo wa Ikamba ambao maudhui yake yana lugha za kichochezi.
Msanii huyo ambaye kabila lake ni Mkikuyu, kwenye wimbo huo amesikika akisema kuwa mwaka huu kabila hilo litakula mbwa na ndege kwani maembe ambacho ni chakula chao kikubwa umeisha msimu wake.
Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Ushirikiano wa Kitaifa nchini Kenya, Francis ole Kaparo amesema leo Machi 12, 2018 wamefanikiwa kumpeleka mahakamani msanii huyo.
Wimbo huo uliotoka wiki iliyopita, umetungwa kwa lengo la kuelimisha kabila la Wakikuyu kuacha tabia ya kukata miti hovyo kwa matumizi ya mkaa, umegeuka kuwa wimbo wa chuki kati ya makabila hayo mawili.
Maelfu ya Wakenya mitandaoni wameonekana kukerwa na wimbo huo huku wengi wakichukizwa na maamuzi ya kumburuza msanii huyo mahakamani.
3:20 PM

STATEMENT By ODM Parliamentary Group Meeting, Supports Raila Uhuru Pact


STATEMENT By ODM Parliamentary Group Meeting, Supports Raila Uhuru Pact

The ODM Parliamentary Group today held its first meeting since the beginning of the year. The meeting chaired by the Party Leader H.E. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga comes in the wake of a spate of activities that have taken place since January 30 this year when he was sworn-in as the People’s President at Uhuru Park grounds Nairobi, to last Friday’s engagement where on a framework with H.E. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta held a meeting and agreed to work together in the quest for peace and unity as well as addressing other social injustices that have bedeviled our country for years.
During today’s meeting, a raft of resolutions were made which included the following;
1. Members supported the initiative of revamping and revitalizing the Party as resolved at the meeting of the National Governing Council (NGC) held here at Orange House on 23rd February 2018.
2. They welcomed the establishment of the Task Force to review the Party’s performance in the recent and preceding general elections with a view of coming up with findings and resolutions on how best we can improve going forward.
3. That the Party will do everything possible and within its means to recapture all the seats that may have been lost through petitions.
4. The members committed to faithfully contribute to the development and growth of the Party and furthering its programmes, including making regular financial contributions as required.
5. The members received the report from H.E. the Party Leader on his recent engagement with H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta and welcomed the initiative. They congratulated the two leaders for the courage, statesmanship and boldness that saw them put aside what looked like irreconcilable differences and meet for the sake of the nation.
6. The PG encouraged the Party Leader to stay focused on the big picture and the struggle for a better, just, inclusive and fair Kenya and refuse to be destructed by those positioning themselves for 2022.
7. The Members encouraged the Party Leader to use this engagement to seek Justice for the victims of Post-Election Violence as way to finding the lasting reconciliation and unit of the nation.
Signed at Orange House
Wednesday 13/03/2018
2:59 PM

Raila Odinga awekwa kiti moto na viongozi wenzake wa Nasa,Kisa ni kukutana Rais Kenyatta bila kuwapa taarifa


KIONGOZI wa Chama cha ODM, Bw Raila Odinga, Jumatatu aliwekwa kwenye kiti moto na vinara wenzake wa Muungano wa NASA kwa zaidi ya saa wakitaka awaeleze kuhusu sababu za kuwaacha gizani alipokutana na Rais Uhuru Kenyatta, Ijumaa iliyopita na ni masuala gani waliyojadiliana.

Katika mkutano wa kitengo kikuu zaidi cha NASA ambacho wanachama wake ni Bw Odinga na vinara wenzake Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Moses Wetang’ula (Ford-Kenya) na Musalia Mudavadi (Amani National Congress), kigogo huyo alitakiwa kueleza kwa nini alichukua hatua iliyoonekana kusaliti mkataba wa NASA.
“Leo tumepata nafasi ya kumsikiliza Mheshimiwa Raila Odinga kuhusu majadiiliano waliyofanya na Uhuru Kenyatta Ijumaa iliyopita.
Tumesikiliza aliyotueleza, tumeuliza maswali, amejibu na ametueleza kinaganaga waliyozungumza,” akasema Bw Mudavadi baada ya mkutano huo uliofanywa katika Hoteli ya Stoni Athi, Kaunti ya Machakos.
Mkutano huo ulihudhuriwa pia na wanachama wa kamati ya usimamizi wa NASA wakiwemo Seneta wa Siaya James Orengo, aliyekuwa Seneta wa Machakos Bw Johnstone Muthama, na wabunge Eseli Simiyu (Tongaren), na Sakwa Bunyasi (Nambale).
Bw Odinga aliwashtua wenzake Ijumaa alipokutana na Rais Uhuru Kenyatta bila kuwajulisha, jambo ambalo lilionekana kuwakera. Ndiposa jana walimweka kinara wao kwenye mkeka kutaka kufahamu sababu za kuwaweka gizani na ni yapi walijadiliana na Rais Kenyatta.
Vinara wa NASA pamoja na wanachama wa kamati ya usimamizi ya muungano huo walipokutana na Bw Odinga kuhusu hatua yake ya k uungana na Rais Kenyatta katika Hoteli ya Stoni Athi, Kaunti ya Machakos Machi 12, 2018. Picha/MAKTABA
Ingawa Bw Mudavadi hakufichua masuala halisi waliyogusia walipomhoji Bw Odinga, ilibainika alifanikiwa kuwashawishi kwamba maelewano kati yake na rais hayataathiri juhudi zilizokuwa zimeanzishwa na upinzani kupigania mabadiliko nchini.
Muungano huo umekuwa ukiitisha mdahalo wa kitaifa kujadili jinsi ya kutatua changamoto zinazokumba taifa kwa masuala kama vile uhuru wa mahakama, mfumo wa uchaguzi wenye haki, jinsi ya kukabiliana na umaskini na kuleta usawa baina ya wananchi bila kujali kabila wala vyama wanavyounga mkono.
Masuala kadhaa kati ya hayo yalikuwa kwenye maelewano ya Rais Kenyatta na Bw Odinga, ingawa haikuwa wazi jinsi yatakavyosuluhishwa kwani walichagua Mabw Paul Mwangi na Martin Kimani mtawalia kuongoza utekelezaji wa makubaliano yao.
Baadhi ya viongozi wa upinzani hawakufurahishwa na hatua hiyo kwa kuwa haikuhusisha msimamo wa vyama vyote tanzu.

‘Tuko tayari’
“Tunashukuru kuwa sasa mlango umefunguliwa kwa mashauriano. Msimamo wetu kama NASA ni kuwa tuko tayari kwa mashauriano hata sasa kwa sababu tunataka majadiliano ya kikweli ambayo yatasuluhisha mambo tunayojua ni mazito katika taifa letu,” akasema Bw Mudavadi.
Licha ya vinara hao kukutana na kujaribu kuonyesha hadharani kuwa bado muungano uko imara, ilionekana suala hilo ambalo Bw Mudavadi alikiri ni “zito mno” halijafikia kikomo.
Vinara wote watahitajika kwenda kuarifu maafisa wakuu wa vyama vyao kuhusu yaliyojiri, na uamuzi wa mwisho utaachwa mikononi mwa wanachama kuamua kama wataunga mkono mwelekeo uliochukuliwa na Bw Odinga au la.
Zaidi ya hayo, vinara hao watahitaji kukutana tena siku zijazo kabla watangaze msimamo wao wa mwisho kama muungano.
Bw Wetang’ula na Bw Musyoka walikuwa wamekutana usiku wa kuamkia jana ingawa haikubainika wazi yale waliyojadili kwenye mkutano wao wa faraghani.

Monday, March 12, 2018

6:07 PM

Raila Odinga anavyomuandaa binti yake Winnie Odinga kumrithi kisiasa


HATUA ya kinara wa NASA, Raila Odinga kuandamana na bintiye Winnie ‘Kazi’ Odinga alipokutana na Rais Uhuru Kenyatta mnamo Ijumaa imeangaziwa na wachanganuzi kama ishara kuwa kigogo huyo wa upinzani anamuandaa kumrithi atakapostaafu siasa.
KULINGANA na wachanganuzi wa siasa, familia ya Jaramogi Oginga Odinga imewekeza sana katika siasa na ni azma ya Bw Odinga kuhakikisha himaya hiyo inaendelea kuimarika chini ya mmoja wa wanawe atakapostaafu.
Hii ndiyo sababu iliyomfanya kuandamana naye Harambee House kukutana na Rais Kenyatta kama njia ya kumpa uzoefu wa siasa za kitaifa.
Bw Odinga ana umri wa miaka 73 na muda wake kuendelea kucheza siasa kali unayoyoma. Ndiposa anaweka mikakati ya atakayechukua hatamu kutoka kwake atakapoamua kupumzika.
Wakati mmoja Winnie aliambia runinga kuwa babake alianza kumhusisha katika siasa akiwa na umri wa miaka sita pekee, ikionekana kama hatua ya kuweka msingi wake kwenye siasa.
Mpango wa Bw Odinga kumkabidhi bintiye usukani unajitokeza wazi ikingatiwa kuwa aliamua kufichua siri ya kikao hicho kwa bintinye huku akiwaacha vinara wenzake katika NASA, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi na Moses Wetang’ula gizani.
Wengi walitarajia kuwa Bw Odinga angempokeza mmoja kati ya vinara hao uongozi lakini hatua ya kuwapuuza inaonyesha hawamo kwenye hesabu yake.

Picha ya ‘selfie’ ya Raila Odinga na bintiye Winnie ‘Kazi’ Odinga wakiwa kwa gari. Picha/ Hisani

Akiwa kitinda mimba wa Bw Odinga, Winnie, aliye na umri wa miaka 28, amekuwa mwandani wa baba yake na alisimamia ofisi ya kampeni zake kwenye uchaguzi mkuu wa mwaka jana. Pia alikuwa akimhusisha katika maamuzi ya kisiasa.
Winnie, ambaye ni mtaalamu wa masuala ya biashara na mawasiliano amekuwa akiandamana na baba yake kwenye hafla tofauti za kisiasa nchini na ng’ambo na hata kushiriki maandamano yaliyoitishwa na muungano wa NASA.
Mnamo Disemba 17 mwaka jana, aliwasili nchini pamoja na baba yake kutoka Amerika, umati wa wafuasi wa NASA ulipomlaki katika uwanja wa Kimataifa wa Ndege wa Jomo Kenyatta na vurugu zikazuka polisi wakikabiliana na waandamanaji.

Rais wa kwanza mwanamke
Wiki iliyopita, mdadisi wa masuala ya kisiasa Mutahi Ngunyi alishangaza wafuasi wake mtandaoni alipodai kwamba Winnie ndiye atakayekuwa rais wa kwanza kutoka jamii ya Waluo na wa kwanza mwanamke wa Kenya.
“Wamesema kwamba ingawa nyota yake ya kisiasa ya Raila imezima, bado kuna matumaini kwamba binti yake Winnie Odinga atakuwa rais wa kwanza mwanamke wa Kenya,” Bw Ngunyi ambaye ni mkosoaji mkubwa wa Bw Odinga alisema.
Alisema kwamba Raila ni mwanasiasa mwerevu na mjanja ambaye alianza kupanga na kumuandaa mrithi wake mapema.
Akihojiwa na gazeti moja awali, Winnie alijifananisha na mlinzi, msaidizi na dereva wa baba yake kuashiria uhusiano wao wa karibu.
1:40 PM

Kenyatta na Odinga kazi imeanza ! Waandaa Kufanya Ziara ya pamoja Kuzunguka Nchi Nzima

Kenyatta, Odinga Kimeeleweka! Waandaa  Kufanya Ziara ya Kuzunguka Nchi Nzima
\Rais wa Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta na  hasimu wake ambaye ni kiongozi wa umoja wa vyama vya upinzani nchini humo, Raila Odinga wamepanga kufanya ziara ya nchi nzima kuhamasisha amani, mshikamano na umoja.

Kwa mujibu wa gazeti la The Star limeripoti kuwa ziara hiyo itaanzia maeneo ambayo vyama vya upinzani nchini humo vina nguvu zaidi na kuendelea maeneo mengine.

Gazeti hilo limeripoti kuwa ziara hiyo itaanzia jimbo la Nyanza ingawaje tarehe rasmi ya ziara hiyo bado haijatangazwa 

Wiki iliyopita Kiongozi wa Upinzani, Raila Odinga alikutana na Rais Uhuru Kenyatta kwenye Ikulu ya nchi hiyo ambapo kwa pamoja walikubaliana kujenga nchi na kuweka mbali tofauti zao za kisiasa. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

4:35 PM

Uhuru na Raila walikutana baada ya mashauriano ya kisiri

HATIMAYE Rais Uhuru Kenyatta na kiongozi wa upinzani Raila Odinga Ijumaa waliweka kando tofauti zao za kisiasa na kutangaza kufanya kazi pamoja kuunganisha Wakenya kwa ajili ya maendeleo.
Wawili hao walitangaza hayo walipohutubia wanahabari baada ya kufanya mashauriano ya masaa mawili katika Afisi ya Rais iliyoko jumba la Harambee jijini Nairobi.
Duru zilisema mkutano huo ulikuwa kilele cha msururu wa mashauriano ya kisiri ambayo yamekuwa yakiendelea kwa lengo la kuwaleta pamoja viongozi hao wawili.
Bw Odinga ambaye alikuwa wa kwanza kuwahutubia wanahabari alisema: “Hatufai kuruhusu kuwepo kwa mgawanyiko katika nchi hii kwa sababu ya tofauti za kisiasa. Hii ndio maana leo tumeamua kuweka kando tofauti zote za kikabila na kisiasa,” akasema Bw Odinga.\
“Tumetoka mbali na hatuwezi kufika tuendako tukiwa tumegawanyika,” akasema.
Bw Odinga alisema japo Kenya ina Katiba mpya ambayo ilileta mageuzi katika mfumo wa uongozi kupitia kubuniwa kwa asasi mbali mbali za utawala, chaguzi bado zinaleta mgawanyiko nchini.
“Wakenya wanataka mabadiliko na mabadiliko hayo hayawezi kupatikana ikiwa hatulenga kupalilia amani, umoja na haki. Wakati wa kufanya hivyo ni sasa,” Bw Odinga akasema.
Kwa upande wake, Rais Kenyatta alitaja mkutano kati yake na Bw Odinga kama nafasi bora kwa wao kama viongozi kuanza kujadili masuala yenye umuhimu kwa taifa.
Mwanzo mpya
“Huu ni mwanzo mpya. Mkutano  kati yangu na ndugu Raila utasaidia kutuliza joto la kisiasa lililotokana na uchaguzi wenye ushindani mkali na ambao ulisababisha migawanyiko nchini,” akasema Rais Kenyatta.
“Tunaweza kutofautiana kisiasa lakini sharti tuungane katika masuala yanayowaathiri Wakenya,” akaeleza.
Mshauri wa Bw Odinga Joseph Simekha jana alifichua kuwa kiongozi huyo aliamua kufanya kikao na Rais Uhuru Kenyatta baada ya kuhisi kusalitiwa na wenzake waliokwepa sherehe ya kuapishwa kwake Januari 30.
“Bw Odinga amebadili msimamo wa kuendelea kupinga serikali ya Jubilee baada ya kuhisi kusalitiwa na wenzake watatu waliokosa kufika Uhuru Park, Nairobi wakati wa sherehe ya kuapishwa kwake na badala yake wameanza kulenga uchaguzi mkuu wa 2022.
Na matamshi yao pia yameonyesha kuwa walikuwa wakimezea mate nyadhifa kubwa serikali wala sio kuendeleza ajenda ya mageuzi,” akasema Bw Simekha ambaye pia ni mchanganuzi wa masuala ya kisiasa.
Alikuwa akirejelea kiongozi wa ANC Bw Mudavadi, mwenzake Wetang’ula na Bw Musyoka.
Hata hivyo, Bw Simekha alisema kuwa muungano wa NASA bado utaendelea kudumu hata baada ya mkutano wa jana kati ya Rais Kenyatta na Bw Odinga.

Hawakuwa na habari 
Hii ni licha ya Mabw Musyoka, Mudavadi na Wetang’ula kukiri kuwa hawakuwa na habari zozote kuhusu mkutano huo wa Bw Odinga na Rais Kenyatta. Duru ziliambia ‘Taifa Leo’ kwamba, mkutano kati ya wawili hao ulipangwa kisiri bila kuwahusisha wandani wa karibu wa viongozi hao.
“Niliitwa na Baba (Raila) asubuhi na akanishauri kuvalia nadhifu tayari kwa shughuli fulani.
Aliniambia niandamane na msafara wake na ndipo nikajipata hapa katika jumba la Harambee kwa mkutano na Uhuru,” akasema Mbunge wa Suna Mashariki Junet Mohammed aliyehudhuria mkutano huo. Hata hivyo, mbunge huyo ambaye ni kiranja wa wachache bunge alidinda kutufichuliwa yaliyojadiliwa kwenye mkutano huo.
Ujumbe wa Bw Odinga pia ulijumuisha bintiye Winnie Odinga na msemaji wake Denis Onyango.
Mkutano huo pia unajiri miezi miwili baada ya Bw Odinga kuapishwa kama “Rais wa Wananchi” katika hafla iliyoandaliwa katika bustani ya Uhuru, Nairobi, shughuli iliyosusiwa na vinara wenzake.
3:37 PM

Kumbe rais Uhuru Kenyatta ndiye alianza kumpigia simu Raila Odinga kutaka mazungumzo,Apongezwa kwa busara zake

BY Respicius Francis
#Kati ya Uhuru Kenyatta na Raila Odinga nani aliyeanza kumtafuta Mwenzake????..
 #Jana gazeti la THE STAR kwenye kichwa cha habari lilisema rais Uhuru Kenyatta ndiye aliyeanza kutaka kufanya kazi na @ Raila Odinga ili kuondoa mgawanyiko mkubwa hasa wa Kikabila ambao upo Kenya..
#Leo gazeti la standardmedia Kenya limeenda mbali zaidi na kusema rais Uhuru Kenyatta ndiye aliyeanza kumpigia simu mpinzani wake Raila Odinga kutaka kufanya nae mazungumzo ya kuondoa mgongoro wa kisiasa nchini Kenya ,,
#Taarifa zinadai baada ya Rais Uhuru Kenyatta kumpigia simu Raila Odinga vikao vya siri vilianza kwa pande zote mbili lakini ni watu wachache sana walikuwa wanafahamu vikao hivyo kama vinafanyika akiwemo mkuu wa kitengo wa ujasusi nchini Kenya Bw; Philip Wachira Kameru..
#Taarifa zinaendelea kudai kuwa familia ya Uhuru Kenyatta akiongozwa na mama yake Uhuru Kenyatta ambaye anajulikana kama mama Ngina na mke wake Raila Odinga ambaye anajulikana kama Ida Odinga walitoa mchango mkubwa kuhakikisha rais Uhuru Kenyatta na Raila Odinga wanakutana na kumaliza tofauti zao,,,
#Inasemekana familia ya rais Kenyatta akiongozwa na Mama Ngina pamoja na mdogo wake Rais Uhuru walituma ujumbe kwa Raila Odinga lengo likiwa ni kufanikisha mazungumzo hayo ambayo hayakutegemewa kutokana wanasiasa hawa kutoa kauli zenye misimamo mikali ,,,
#Hapo awali baadhi ya viongozi wa jubilee walitaka rais Kenyatta azungumze na Kalonzo Musyoka badala ya Odinga lakini inasemekana Kenyatta alikataa na kumtaka
#Lengo la familia ya Kenyatta kufanya juhudi za kuhakikisha Odinga na Kenyatta wanakutana inasemekana wanahitaji kuona rais Kenyatta anaacha legacy nzuri baada ya kumaliza muda, Licha ya wengine wanatoa wanotoa  maoni tofauti  kwamba  ushirika wa Kenyatta na Odinga kama maandalizi ya uchaguzi wa mwaka 2022...
Rais Kenyatta anafaa kuitwa kiongozi bora Afrika kwanza hatua yake ya kujishusha kwa mpinzani wake mpaka kufikia hatua ya kumpigia simu Odinga ili wakae meza moja wazungumze hakika hili jambo ni la kipekee sana ,
#Kama Kenyatta angeamua kutumia mbabe au kiburi kutumia nguvu ya dola huku Odinga akitumia nguvu ya umma hasa wafuasi wake hakika tungeshudia mauaji ya kutisha Kenya ...
#Kenyatta ni kati ya marais wenye busara na akili kubwa ambaye kwa Afrika ni wachache sana kwasababu kama angekuwa anaongozwa na mizuka,mihemko ,ubabe nafikiri tungeshuhudia yaliyotekea Rwanda yametokea Kenya, kitendo cha Odinga kuapishwa ulikuwa ni mteg mbaya kwake na kama angejaribu kumkamata hakika tungeshuhudia mlipuko mkubwa wa mapigano makabila ambayo wanachukina hasa wakikuyu na wajaluo....
#Nafikiri Kenyatta anatambua nguvu ya Odinga kwa Taifa la Kenya,Anajua hawezi kuongoza taifa la Vizuri kwa amani bila Odinga kumtambua ndiyo maana anatumia busara kukaa meza na Odinga ,Jambo hili ni tofauti na viongozi wengine wa Afrika utakuta mtu anaaingia madarakani kwa kuiba kur tena anajua hakubaliki kwa wanachi atakachofanya ni kuongoza kwa ubabe haijalishi watu wakufa wala niini///
7:03 AM

Mshauri wa Raila amtetea bosi wake kwa kuchukua hatua hatari kisiasa kuzungumza na Uhuru

Mwandishi: Christopher Oyier 
Mshauri wa Raila Odinga, Salim lone amemtetea bosi wake kwa kuchukuwa hatua hatari kisiasa kuzungumza na Uhuru.  

Mshauri wa kinara wa upinzani Raila Odinga, Salim Lone amemteta bosi wake kwa kuchukua hatua hatari kisiasa na kufanya mazungumzo na Rais Uhuru Kenyatta -Ingawa vinara wenza wa NASA wamepinga hatua hiyo, Lone anasema kuwa ilikuwa lazima Raila afanye mazungumzo na Uhuru ili kuikwamua nchi kutokana na vidonda vya kisiasa

 Baadhi ya viongozi wa muungano wa NASA walipigwa na butwaa baada ya kuwaona Raila na Uhuru wakiwa pamoja siku ya Ijumaa, machi 9, wengine wakimkashifu Raila kwa kuwa msaliti, mtafaruku wa kisiasa ulikuwa ukiigawanya nchi. Raila Odinga aliamua kuchukua hatua hatari kisiasa kufanya mazungumzo na Rais Uhuru Kenyatta,

 mshauri wake Salim Lone amefichua. Lone alimtetea Raila kwa kukubali kuzungumza na Uhuru   akisema kuwa hilo ndilo lilikuwa suluhisho la pekee kuiondoa nchi katika mzozo wa kisiasa.  
“Kutokana na migawanyiko nchini na hali tete kisiasa na kiuchumi yalioandamana na chuki za kikabila, Raila Odinga aliamua kuchukuwa mwelekeo wa mazungumzo badala ya makabiliano.” Lone alisema. Raila na Uhuru walitia saini makubaliano kati yao yanayolenga kuirejesha nchi katika hali ya kawaida. 
Mshauri wa Raila amtetea bosi wake kwa kuchukuwa hatua hatari kisiasa kuzungumza na Uhuru
Mshauri wa Raila Odinga, Salim lone amemtetea bosi wake kwa kuchukuwa hatua hatari kisiasa kuzungumza na Uhuru. Picha: Tuko/Lynn Ngugi  

Katika makubaliano hayo, wawili hao watashirikiana kumaliza chuki za kikabila na mashindano, kuwashirikisha watu wote serikalini chini ya ugatuzi, kumaliza siasa za migawanyiko miongoni mwa malengo mengine. Hayo yakijiri, vinara wenza wa upinzani Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula na Musalia Mudavadi wamejitenga na hali maridhiano hayo. 

Mshauri wa Raila amtetea bosi wake kwa kuchukuwa hatua hatari kisiasa kuzungumza na Uhuru
Vinara wenza wa muungano wa NASA Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula na Musalia Mudavadi wamejitenga na mazungumzo ya Raila Odinga na Rais Uhuru Kenyatta. 

Akimtetea Raila, lone alisema Raila amekuwa akiwazia mazungumzo, licha ya yalliyojiri kwenye uchaguzi mkuu wa Agosti 8, 2017. “Raila amekuwa akiwazia mazungumzo kutatua mtafaruku wa kisiasa. Mazungumzo hayo yangetangulizwa na makubaliano ya ajenda ikiwemo kutatua ukiukaji wa haki za uchaguzi uliofanyika.” Lone aliongeza kwenye taarifa yake kwa vyombo vya habari. 
Ingawa viongozi wengine wa NASA wameitaja hatua ya Raila kuwa usaliti, chama cha Jubilee kimeikaribisha mazungumzo kati ya viongozi hao wawili.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

10:41 PM

Statement By Governor JOHO, On UHURU-RAILA Meeting

I wish to express my support for my party leader the Rt. Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga in his efforts towards unity, peace and justice in Kenya. I pray that God gives him strength and wisdom to deliver a brighter future for all of us in this country.
I also wish to extend a hand of cooperation to our colleagues from the competing coalition. It is in the interest of every Kenyan that this Kenyan project succeeds. As we come with a clean heart and open hands, please remember, an open hand cannot shake a clenched fist.
To our coalition partners, there’s a time for peace and a time for war. This is the time for peace. Not all of us may have fought in the times of war, but all of us MUST fight for peace. The time for war has come and gone.
To our party supporters, I wish to reassure you, our leadership has always been on the right side of history. As ODM, our faith in our leadership is resolute because it stands tried and tested. I also hereby pledge to be a joint custodian of all your concerns and interests.
For all of us, too much blood has been shed, too many families broken, too many dreams shattered, too much property destroyed. As Nelson Mandela once said, even if we fight to ashes, it is amongst those ashes that we shall dialogue. The country needs a new beginning. Let us cautiously and carefully build a platform for that new beginning.
We shall forever remain committed to electoral justice, historical restitution, compensation, a free and fair society, inclusivity and shared prosperity. May God bless you all.
Hassan Ali Joho
Deputy Party Leader
1:55 PM

Rais Uhuru atoboa siri, afichua alivyokutana na mkewe - Margaret - kwa mara ya kwanza

Mwandishi: Tina Mutinda  
    Rais  Kenyatta  akiwa  na mke  wake  mama   Margaret  Kenyatta

Rais Uhuru Kenyatta mara nyingi ameonekana kumwonyesha mkewe mapenzi hadharani -Hata mbele ya umma, wawili hao wameonekana kupendana sana -
Alipokuwa akihudhuria mkutano wa Beyond Zero Alhamisi Machi 8, Uhuru alimsifu sana mkewe Rais Uhuru Kenyatta Alhamisi Machi 8 ambapo aliwafurahisha Wakenya kwa kumsifu mkewe hadharani.  
 Rais  Uhuru alielezea alivyokutana na mkewe Margaret kwa mara ya kwanza. 

Rais  Uhuru  alikutana  kwa mara  ya kwanza  na Margaret  alipokuwa  akiogelea akiwa ameambatana na  baba  yake  mzazi ndipo   alipomwona Margaret kwa mara ya kwanza 
Uhuru atoboa siri alivyompata na kumuoa mkewe Margaret
Baba  yake Jomo Kenyatta alimwambia  kwamba  Margaret alikuwa akikaa kama mtu mzuri, hivyo alifaa kuzungumza naye. 

"Ninataka kumtambulisha mwanamke ambaye tumekuwa pamoja labda katika maisha yangu yote. Nilikutana naye nilipokuwa nikiogelea nikiwa nimeandamana na babangu na nakukumbuka akiniambia, huyu hapa(Margaret) anakaa vizuri,” alisema Uhuru.  

Watu wengi wamewaelezea kama wachumba ambao hawajawahi kuacha kupendana maishani mwao. Kwa Uhuru na Margaret sio tu mke lakini pia ni rafiki, mwandani  na mtu aliyekaa naye kwa muda mrefu sana. Alieleza kuwa Margaret ni shabiki wake mkubwa ambaye amesimama naye kwa wakati mzuri na mbaya.  
Uhuru atoboa siri alivyompata na kumuoa mkewe Margaret

"Ni mwanamke aliyenyenyekea na mnyamavu lakini kama ninavyoweza kuelezea, hata na watoto wetu, ni mkali sana,” alimtania.  

Wawili hao walioana 1991 na wana watoto watatu, wavulana wawili, na msichana mmoja. Walipata mjukuu hivi majuzi, waliyemwita Wanjiru. Ukweli ni kwamba Margaret ni mtu wa kupendwa sana, sio kwa sababu ya sura yake nzuri, lakini pia kwa sababu ya utu wake wema.  

1:26 PM

Wakenya wawashambulia Kalonzo, Wetangula na Mudavadi baada ya kukosoa mkutano wa Raila na Uhuru

Mwandishi: Tina Mutinda 

Wakenya waliwashambulia vinara watatu wa NASA kwa kuachwa nyuma katika mazungumzo kati ya Raila Odinga na Uhuru Kenyatta -Wengi walisema Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula na Musalia Mudavadi walikuwa waoga kwa kusema watatu hao walikataa kufika wakati wa kuapishwa kwa Raila -
 Raila alikutana na Uhuru Ijumaa Machi 9, bila kuwashirikisha watatu hao, na kusababisha ukosoaji mkubwa -Kiongozi huyo wa ODM Raila Odinga alitangaza kuwa angemaliza uhasama baina yake na Uhuru Kenyatta katika hatua iliyoshtua watu wengi 

Wakenya walimtaka Kalonzo Musyoka kupanga mkutano na William Ruto, baada ya kuachwa nje katika mkutano baina ya Raila Odinga na Uhuru Kenyatta. Wakizungumzia taarifa ya Musyoka katika ukurasa wa Facebook kuhusiana na mkutano kati ya Raila Odinga na Uhuru Kenyatta, Wakenya walionekana kumshambulia kinara huyo ambaye kwa wakati mmoja alikuwa mgombeaji wa urais. 

1,Johnson Makori "Mauti My brother kalonzo you are not in their equals remember the two met in the capacity of presidents if ruto was in attendance then you could have complained.Schedule a meeting with your colleague ruto then mvd to meet matiang`i while weta to meet kipchumba murkumen know your league brother". Oti da Filda "You also heard the swearing in ceremony from TV. So no problem. And it's worth nothing at harambee house was strictly for those who took the Oath of office. Others principles are in their schools. You call him baba, Do u expect your dad to inform you of everywhere he goes.. Kunjeni mikia na mfunge midomo".  

2.Annie Obrien "The problem is that you switched off your phone so the call from the Nigerian number could not go through. Hivyo ndivyo kunaendanga. When was that date that you said you'll be sworn in?" Dio Neqagga "You're only three NASA Principals from now on. Raila has joined Jubilee and started a dialogue with Uhuru that you have been singing but not taking any steps. Now Raila will make sure you dissappear faster than Safaricom bundles. Na bado unazubaa hapo leo Raila akusaidie hehe, Kalonzo, ni macho hunaaa ama?Just go meet Eric Omondi, comedians one side. ByeFelicia."  

3.Gavin Lemayan "Only those who ate biblos met today, the rest who found oath taking illegal should forever hold their peace or wait for the Nigerian number to call."  

4.Nyakwar Ogweyo " now you know how it feels to be betrayed. I'm not in support of the meeting but at least it makes you realize that KARMA is real " 

5.Msafiri Kay "Forge your own way. You "Three Amigos" betrayed Baba...What did you expect in return? This marks the end of bad politics in any coalition. BABA AMECHOKA. God Bless Kenya."

6. Omarion Wickliffe "You left us when we needed you most. You disappear with a lie that ur wife is sick. You switch off your phone deliberately and left us during our swearing in. You refused to swear saying its unconstitutional so now you smell the back fire. You pushed us now we had to put kenya first than individual. R.I.p 2022 my friend"  

7,Edwine Joe WuodAuma "Instead of complaining eat bible that's when you can even be qualified to meet Ruto. Presidents met and deputy presidents should also arrange and meet but it's unfortunate you became a coward and refused to go to Uhuru park.You should be the last person to complain tikiti maji wewe!!!  

8,Zablon Kitsao Baya "Miguna said the dialogue will be between two presidents but kalonzo and your colleagues didn't show up during the inauguration of The people's president." 

9.Emmanuel Otieno "This guy refused to be sworn in so Ruto is not even is equal, meetings are done in broad daylight not at night as they used to..Raila said there will be dialogue between 2 presidents and it has just started." 

10.Vicky Ady Vybz "Nitumie paybill upewe chupa mbili aiseeee!!!!"