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Sunday, July 8, 2018

10:04 PM


BY David Maluki
This world is full of wonders and will never cease to amaze. Ladies want to date an established, financially secure man. When they get one and they later discover he is marred, they act all surprised, hurt and betrayed. They then go round,  saying how they didn’t know the man wasn’t single and brand all men “dogs”

Men are not dogs. It is you ladies who are hard headed and never listen. You were already told that behind every successful man there is a woman. And you want a successful….what do you expect? If you meet a handsome man at a high end entertainment joint, sipping an expensive drink, that is definitely not your future husband that’s someone current.

Your future husband is somewhere in a dingy cyber café trying to win a multiple bet on sportpesa,  siping on a quarter of one of those strong gins that test like python’s saliva waiting for you to back his success
Men who spend money on side dishes must be accorded their end of bargain.

Otherwise how else do you expect him to remain the envy of his boys? Especially when other men are bragging about there escapades during the “trashy hours” talk in bar when midnight waves away and the tiny hours of the morning beckons

For those lucky  and bolds to date the multibillionaire known to have several car and wives as well, I see you occasionally borrowing  one of the car that you will use to brag about to your girls during those chama meeting . What I want remind you dear sisters, if she have the temerity to marry several wives, what makes you think that you are only his side dish?

This is a man used to eating life with a big spoon. He is used to seven course meal and you could easily be the soup and the bread  in his meal……I cannot  close this session without addressing college girls, nay those who have finished their studies waiting to graduate or have recently graduated.

Your business with your male lecture and the trigonometry that also brought your college grade in the mix should now be the thing of the past.

If you were played and the marks were not adjusted, dust your sorry bum and get on with life. You are not the first one to be cheated and you are not the last. If you got an even award for your panting, girl you are lucky. Its over. Get on with life.

Remember your lecture is still making many other script this year. As far as he his concerned  you are a chapter that he completed in his book of life. To him you are not different  from last year academic calendar. You are closed matter.

So stop pestering him over your basic needs, he is now addressing others people wants. Ladies are we together..?
9:54 PM


We bless the Good Lord Jesus, who has once again given us this opportunity to share in His light and in His truth. How are you my beautiful people? I am truly grateful that I have yet another opportunity to interact with you. I feel like it has been ages since I last did it. On this day, I would like us to talk about the worst kind of cancer, which is unforgiveness. A cancer that has put so many blocks and barriers in our lives, a cancer that has stagnated the progress of our lives, a cancer that has robbed us of all the joy left in our lives.. A cancer that can heal like any other cancer. This is the cancer of unforgiveness.
When you feel a tinge of pain whenever you think about a certain person or an event, it is obvious that there is a little unforgiveness in your life. Some people actually, say that they are angry at God for some reasons in life. It could be a loss, a life situation or simply because situations are not working out in life. I have known for the longest time that to err is human and to forgive is divine..But here is what I learned about forgiveness 2 days ago that we probably take lightly or have no idea on it at all.
Luke 11:15-32- Here is a story of the Father who had two sons. And one Son asked for a share of all His inheritance and went and squandered it all. We all know how the story goes. How about that part of the pigs? This second son wished He would dine with the pigs, but He had a conviction…A conviction that showed Him how much He was missing out from His Father’s house, while He was there desiring pigs’  food. And His words were, ‘I will get up and go to my Father, tell Him that against Him, and against heaven, I have sinned’
When the Son goes home, we see nothing but the forgiving nature of our God, through His father. His Father who sees Him from a far off distance, in tattered clothes and looking all malnourished. (Please note that sin puts us in this state). One thing strikes me on the return of the prodigal son to his Father. See the image below.
When the Son had nothing to bring home but his shame and guilt, even his half nakedness, the Father had all the love to give. He saw Him from a distance. He ran towards Him. He hugged and kissed Him. I would want to believe that through the Father’s love and forgiving nature, the son was set free. Set free from a desire of a material things, and desired to have the riches in His father’s house instead. (Mathew 6:33)
Many times we tend to wonder why there are so many things going on in our lives. Some are our own making but almost 97% of the problems we face or even the blocks we have in our lives are out of the unforgiveness we choose to keep in our heart. The word of God clearly states that if we want to be healed of all our infirmities, spiritual, physical or emotional, if we want to be set free from bondage and enjoy the freedom of God, we need to forgive.
Proverbs 25:21-22– We are called to repay evil with good. For in so doing, whatever it is that has been done wrong to us will be vindicated by the Lord Himself.
2 Samuel 16:5-12 and 2 Samuel 19:18-24– We see a man Shimei who insulting David in all ways possible to have him get his attention. He even calls him a dog, if we are keen to read the entire scripture. We later see that with all the curses Shimei uttered towards David, David lets the Lord Himself vindicate him. Fight for Him and in the end, Shimei comes to ask for forgiveness from David Himself who he insulted.
When we forgive, we are not only able to hear clearly from God. We are able to see Him in all His glory. Recently, I hit a very rough patch and my heart was in distress. However, I chose not to dwell so much on the pain. Instead, I chose to ask God.. ‘Lord, what do you want me to learn, from this phase of pain you are taking me through?‘ On days I chose to focus on the hurt and the pain, I could not hear anything that the Lord was telling me. But I could hear everything that everyone else was telling me!
The truth is, I surrendered. And I forgave even when everyone else would have me sit on that hurt and pain. When everyone else would have me remember all that was done to me, so that I could use it anytime against my offender
.But I chose to love, sacrificially and not to focus on the pain. It was at that moment that the Lord spoke to me personally, like He did to the woman of Samaria and made a way and asked me to follow it.
Stoning_of_Saint_Stephen.pngActs 7:54 onwards, shows us an incident of Stephen….Look at all that happened to him.. All He did was to stand up for the Lord, speak of His goodness and His greatness but the reception He got was the exact opposite of what He had hoped for. Regardless, He still stood up for the Lord to his very last breath. Imagine a man like Him, so full of the Holy Spirit, asking Jesus whom He saw in glory, seated at the right hand of the Father, to hold the sin against them. What would happen is that Stephen would lose eternal life, just as His stoners would. Because we cannot acquire heaven with unforgiveness in our hearts. But He used the exact words of Jesus, ‘Father, do not hold this sin against them.’ When we choose to forgive, Jesus gives us a heart just like His. 🙂 How beautiful!
There are many things that happen that are caused by unforgiveness.
  • Our life is filled with wrong convictions and ideas. This is because we are usually thinking carnally.
  • We cover up for so many unrepented sin, each time we go to ask the Lord for forgiveness. We conceal some sins all the time.
  • We always have unforgiven moments or events of our past life that we do not want to let go of.
  • We suffer unhealed inner wounds.
As a result, our life is full of blocks!
Today, make a decision. You have probably been praying over something and for the longest time seen no result, You are not even near the answer to your prayer. Pray this scripture:
Psalm 139:23-24- Search me O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!
As you pray this, the Lord will be merciful enough to reveal to you if there are any people you still need to forgive. When you do, you set yourself and them free and begin your journey to everlasting life.
Forgiveness comes with great healing and deliverance. Pray to Jesus to give you the Holy Spirit to help you forgive and live freely!
Be blessed and thank you very much for journeying with me through today’s blog....courtesy of Lulu and David..! You can leave a comment anyway


Saturday, April 28, 2018

5:31 PM


Author :  Respicius Francis  


 I as a CEO of had a privilege to interview a young entrepreneur from Maryland, United States of America (U.S) who engaged himself in Art of Drawing.
Image may contain: 1 person, closeup and outdoor
 This young man conducts his life through this work of Art of Drawing. Taiken Kage is the CEO and Founder of a company known as ARTIST AT PBTK based in U.S. And this is how our interview was:

#Respicius Francis ;Tell us about yourself
@Taiken Kage:My name is Taiken Kage. I was born and raised in Maryland. I started drawing when I was about 12 years old while in school. 7 years ago, I started drawing professionally for myself and my own business. I'm currently 28 years old 2.
Image may contain: 1 person
#Respicius Francis : Which business are you dealing with in U.S? $
@Taiken Kage;  PBTK is the name of my business.

 #Respicius Francis :Why have you decided to do that business?
@Taiken Kage;I have talent in art and wanted to make a career out of it.
Image may contain: 1 person
#Respicius Francis: Am sure you must be facing some challenges, which are they?

@ Taiken Kage:The main challenge is being able to follow up with clients and have them pay in a timely manner .
Image may contain: 1 person
 #Respicius Francis :How much did you use as a capital to start your business?
@Taiken Kage:$300 and a laptop
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting
 #Respicius Francis How do you advertise your business?
@Taiken Kage: I advertise with Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, my website, and word of mouth.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing
 #Respicius Francis :Is the business environment in U.S good especially for youth?
 @Taiken Kage:Yes. But it's not easy

 #Respicius Francis :Do you know anything about the country of Tanzania?
 @Taiken Kage:Yes. But it's not easy

 #Respicius Francis :What are your future expectations in relation to your business?
@Taiken Kage:I plan to have my art featured in magazines, museums, album covers and more. 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Respicius Francis  ,CEO of who conduct this  interview..
Contacts :whatsap: +255 755 515 906
                Phone:   +255 655 515 906

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

2:57 PM


Winnie Mandela
MKE wa zamani wa Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela ambaye alipigana dhidi ya utawala wa ubaguzi wa rangi nchini Afrika Kusini kifo chake kilichotokea Aprili 2 mwaka huu kimezua mjadala nchini mwake, namna ambavyo mwanaharakati huyo anastahili kukumbukwa.
Kwa upande wa viongozi wa jadi pamoja na wafuasi wake, wanataka Winnie akumbukwe kama mwanamke asiyekuwa na hatia, shujaa na mpambanaji huku wengine, haswa wale ambao bado wapo katika mapambano ya awali wakiwa chini ya mwamvuli wa watu weupe wanataka Winnie Mandela kukumbukwa kama mtu mbaya sana na aliyetenda uasi.
Lakini kwa mtu yeyote ambaye anataka kumuelewa vizuri Winnie Mandela anapaswa kurejea historia na kuona namna ambavyo alinyanyaswa,kuaibishwa na kuteseka wakati wa mfumo wa ubaguzi wa rangi enzi ya utawala wa Makaburu.
Winnie alikuwa mpigania uhuru, aliyeleta mapinduzi kwa kuwa mpambanaji wa ubaguzi wa rangi, hakuwa mwanaharakati wa kushika silaha na kutegemea mashabiki wa mitandaoni .
Mume wake wa zamani, Nelson Mandela alimwachia watoto wadogo wawili wa kike kuwalea wakati alipofungwa kifungo cha maisha gerezani mwaka 1962.
Winnie kuitwa mwanaharakati ni haki yake kwa kuwa ni mwanamke aliyewahi kukamatwa na kuwekwa gerezani akiwa na nguo zake za kulalia tu, huku polisi wakiwazuia ndugu zake kwenda kumuona na kuzuiwa kuwaona watoto wake.
Mwaka 1969, Winnie alifungwa gerezani kwa muda wa siku 491, na hakupata msaada hata wa pedi wakati alipokuwa katika siku zake, huo ukatili mkubwa walimfanyia Makaburu. Gereza alilowekwa halikuwa la kawaida, ila maalum kwa ajili ya kumtesa.
Mateso aliyoyapata gerezani yaliandikwa katika kitabu kiitwacho “491 Days”, kinachoelezea kelele ya mwanamke aliyekuwa anapigwa na kuteswa gerezani.
Baadaye wakati ambapo viongozi wengi walipokuwa wanafungwa jela,.Winnie alikuwa mstari wa mbele katika kuongoza harakati hizo akiwa pamoja na hayati Mandela.
Kiufupi ni kwamba Winnie Mandela aliamua kuongoza mapigano ya kutetea watu weusi. Alipobainika kuwa ana ushawishi mkubwa, Winnie alihamishwa katika makazi yake yaliyokuwa katika mji wa biashara wa Johannesburg, kwenda kukaa katika mji mdogo wa Brandfort ambayo ilikuwa ngome imara ya watu weupe.
Hakuruhusiwa kupokea wageni ingawa alikuwa anaweza kusafiri kila siku kwenda posta kupiga simu, ili kuuambia ulimwengu juu ya mfumo wa ubaguzi wa rangi ulivyo mbaya.
Tangu kifo chake kitokee siku ya Jumatatu ya Aprili 2 mwaka huu, kile kilichoandikwa na watu wengi katika mitandao ya kijamii, kinaonesha wazi kuwa kuna baadhi ya watu hawafahamu historia yake.
Kuna wengine wamezungumzia juu ya urembo wake na wengine jitihada zake katika kutetea nchi yake.Aidha Winnie pia hakuwa mkamilifu, alikuwa na makosa yake pia kama binadamu.Aliwahi hukumiwa kwa kosa la udanganyifu na alikamatwa kwa kosa la utekaji nyara.Anatarajiwa kuzikwa Jumamosi ijayo, Aprili 14 mwaka huu.
Stori: Elvan Stambuli NA MITANDAO

Friday, April 6, 2018

9:42 PM


Nelson Mandela na Aliyekuwa mkewe, Winnie.
JUMAPILI iliyopita, wakati watu mbalimbali duniani wakisherehekea Sikukuu ya Pasaka, katika familia ya mpambanaji, mhamasishaji na mwandishi wa vitabu Winnie Mandela, kulitawala majonzi tele baada ya kifo cha mwanamama huyo.
Winnie akiwa na miaka 81, alifariki katika Hospitali iitwayo Netcare Milapark, huko Johannesburg, kutokana na kusumbuliwa kwa muda mrefu na maradhi tangu uanze mwaka huu.

Lakini pia alikuwa ni mke wa Rais wa Kwanza wa Afrika Kusini, Hayati Nelson Mandela, na ni miongoni mwa wanawake wa chuma duniani ambaye hatuwezi kuacha kumzungumzia hasa kwenye makala haya ambayo ni mahususi kwa wanawake, kwani siku ya leo mwanamake unayesoma makala haya unaweza kujifunza mengi!
Kuanzia uvumilivu kwenye masuala ya ndoa, pia namna alivyoyafanya maisha yake kuwa na maana kutokana na kutumia kipajia chake cha uandishi wa vitabu lakini pia kutokana na kazi za kijamii alizofanya mpaka anakumbukwa baada ya kifo chake.
Wengi wanaweza kujiuliza kuwa Winnie pia alikuwa miongoni mwa wanawake matajiri duniani? Jibu ni kwamba inawezekana kabisa hakuwa kwenye listi hiyo, na hapa nitakukumbusha kitu kimoja, mafanikio kwenye maisha hayamaanishi pesa tu. Ni zaidi ya pesa na kila mmoja anaweza kuyaelezea kwa namna yake.
Ndiyo maana leo unaweza kumuona Bill Gate, mmoja wa watu waliofanikiwa zaidi duniani kwenye suala zima la pesa akipaa kutoka Marekani mpaka Afrika kwa ajili ya kula maharage na watoto wa shule au yatima!
Kwa akili ya kawaida unaweza kujiuliza anatafuta nini kwa kufanya kwake hivyo. Ukweli ni kwamba anayafanya maisha yake kuwa na maana kwa watu wengine.

Kwa hiyo kwa wewe mwanamke wa chuma unayesoma makala haya kwa kile ambacho unakifanya, kwanza mtangulize Mungu, kisha jipe moyo na fanya kazi kwa bidii. Hata kama usipoona mafanikio ya fedha haraka kwa kile unachokifanya kuna watu ‘utawainspire.’
Lakini pia kuna msemo hapa kwetu Afrika, unasema ukifanya kile unachokiamini na kukipenda kwa asilimia mia moja hata kama majibu usipoyaona leo, basi utayaona kesho. Lakini pia ni bora ya yule mtu anayetembea taratibu kuliko aliyesimama kabisa. Kwa hiyo usichoke kupambana.

Tukirudi kwa Winnie, ambaye toka mwaka 2009 mpaka mauti yanampata alikuwa ni miongoni mwa wabunge wa taifa hilo kupitia Chama cha ANC (African National Congress), lakini pia anahesabika na kuheshimiwa kama mama wa Taifa la Afrika Kusini.
Kwa pamoja, yeye na Nelson Mandela walipambana kuhakikisha taifa hilo linakuwa huru kutoka kwa Makaburu lakini pia wakati Mandela amefungwa kifungo cha maisha jela aliendelea kusimama imara na kuwahamasisha wapigania uhuru kupambana mpaka haki ikapatikana na baada ya miaka 27, mumewe akaachiwa.

Mandela, Winnie na Mwl. Nyerere.
Vitabu alivyoandika ni pamoja na 491 Days: Prisoner Number 1323/69 cha mwaka 2013, Une Part de mon ame, Part Of My Soul Went With Him alichokitoa kipindi Mandela yupo jela.
Hata hivyo kutokana na mwanamama huyu aliyezaa watoto wawili na Mandela ambao ni Zenani na Zindziwa, kuyafanya maisha yake kuwa na maana katika jamii, mwaka 2011, mastaa wa filamu duniani Terrence Howard na Wendy Crewson, wakiongozwa na dairekata Darrell Roodt, waliandaa filamu ya maisha yake.

Mbali na filamu hiyo, mwaka 1984, Winnie alizawadiwa Tuzo ya Freedom Of The City Of Aberdeen na mwaka 1988, akapewa nyingine ya United Nations Prize In The Field Of Human.
Huyo ndiye Winnie Mandela. Mungu ailaze roho yake mahali pema peponi lakini akiwa katika mapumziko ya milele wazaliwe kina Winnie Mandela wengine.
Makala: Boniphace Ngumije

Monday, March 26, 2018

11:50 AM


 Related image
Tunawaletea marais waliouawa kwa kupigwa risasi wakiwa madarakani. ABRAHAM Lincoln; alikuwa Rais wa 16 wa Marekani. Aliuawa mwaka 1865 jijini Washington kwa kupigwa risasi kichwani kwa nyuma na John Wilkes. Alikuwa amekaa na mkewe. Bastola iliyotumika inaitwa Deringer. 
Image result for INDIRA Priyadarshini Gandhi

INDIRA Priyadarshini Gandhi; Alikuwa Rais wa India. Aliuawa mwaka1984 kwa kupigwa risasi na walinzi wake, Satwant Singh na Beant Singh jijini New Delh, India. 
JOHN Francis Kennedy ‘JFK’; ni Rais wa 35 wa Marekani. Aliuawa mwaka 1963 mjini Dallas kwa kupigwa risasi na Lee Harvey akiwa kwenye gari la wazi barabarani.
Image result for LAURENT Desire Kabila
LAURENT Desire Kabila; alimng’oa madarakani Rais Mabotu Seseko wa Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasi ya Kongo, lakini mwaka 2001 akauawa kwa kupigwa risasi na watu wanaosadikiwa ni walinzi wake. 
Image result
THOMAS Isdor Noel Sankara; alikuwa Rais wa Burkina Faso Alitawala nchi kwa miaka 4 hadi 1984 alipouawa kwa kupigwa risasi inasemekana alihusika  kufanya mauaji  hayo ni  rafiki  yake  wa  kisiasa   Blaise Compaore ambaye  alikuja  kuwa  rais  wa nchi  hiyo  kwa  muda  mrefu  lakini  mwisho  wa siku  alikimbia nchi hiyo.
Image result
 WILLIAM Richard Tolbert Jr; Alipigwa risasi mwaka 1980 katika mapinduzi ya kijeshi akiwa Rais wa Liberia. Samuel Doe akiwa na cheo cha sajenti ndiye aliyetajwa kumuua.
Image result for Ghaddaf;

 MUHAMMAR Muhamad Abu Migar al Ghaddaf; Alikuwa Rais wa Libya kwa miaka 42. Aliuawa kwa kupigwa risasi ya kichwa kwenye vurugu za kisiasa mjini Sirte, Libya, Oktoba 20, 2011. 
Image result

ABEID Amani Karume; alikuwa Rais wa Zanzibar tangu mapinduzi ya mwaka 1964. Aliuawa kwa kupigwa risasi akiwa anacheza bao mwaka 1972 na mtu ambaye hakuwahi kupatikana. Jean baptist ouedraogo; aliitawala Burkina Faso kwa mwaka mmoja tu, 1982-83. Aliuawa kwa kupigwa risasi na Thomas Sankara ambaye alichukua madaraka ya kuiongoza nchi hiyo kabla na yeye kupinduliwa.

11:06 AM

Historia ya Che Guevara, Je Wajua Aliwahi Kukimbilia Tanzania na Kujificha?

Kama kijana msomi wa shahada ya udaktari, che Guevara alisafiri nchi nyingi sana huko bara la Amerika ya kusini na rafiki yake, akawa ni mtu mwenye uchungu mkubwa kuona maisha ya dhiki,njaa, magonjwa nchi za America ya kusini, akawa na mwamko mkubwa kubadili hali ile kwa kuwa aliamini ya kuwa mfumo wa ubepari ndio chanzo kikubwa kilichokuwa kinaitafuna Latin America.

Miaka ya 50 akiwa anasoma udaktari huko Mexico Che Guevara alikutana na Fidel Castro na Raul Castro ambapo watatu hao walipanga mapinduzi ya kumg’oa raisi wa Cuba wakati huo Fulgencio batista ambaye alikuwa na huhusiano wa kimaslahi na America, Che akapata nguvu na uaminifu mkubwa kutoka kwa Fedel Castro na kupandishwa kuwa kiongozi wa wanamgambo (guerilla insurgents) Punde tu baada ya Fulgencio batista kukimbia CUBA,Che alihusika kama mtu muhimu katika serikali ya Cuba iliyoongozwa na Fidel Castro, akiwa kama Gavana wa benki kuu ya Cuba ambapo saini yake ilianza kutumika katika noti za CUBA , baadae kama waziri wa kilimo wa Cuba.

Mwaka 1964 akiwa kama mmoja ya msafara wa watu wa serikali ya Cuba umoja wa Mataifa New York MArekani, aliweza kupata “sifa” ya “mwanamapinduzi halisi wa kukumbukwa” pale alipotoa hotuba ndefu katika ukumbi wa UN akilaumu wazi ukimya wa Umoja huo juu ya kilichokuwa kinaendelea Afrika ya kusini (ubaguzi wa Rangi) alinukuliwa akisema

“wale wanaoua watoto wao na kuwabagua kila siku kwa sababu ya rangi ya ngozi zao, wazungu wanawaua watu weusi na hawakamatwi, serikali ya kikaburu inawalinda wauaji, na mbaya Zaidi inawaadhibu watu weusi kwa kuwa tu wanatataka haki zao na utu wao, vipi watu hawa (makaburu) wakaitwa watetezi na walinzi wa Amani?”

miezi michache baada ya kutoa hotuba UN, Che alitoweka katika maisha ya kawaida “public life” na hakuna aliyejua alikwenda wapi mpaka baadae ilipokuja gundulika Che alikuwa akipigana sambamba na Laurent Kabila huko Congo dhidi ya wabeligiji na baadhi ya wapiganaji wa ki cuba waliokuwa Afrika, vita ambayo ilishindikana na akakimbilia Tanzania na kukaa maeneo ya karibu na ziwa Tanganyika na baadae Dar es salaam huku akiishi kwa kujificha

Image result for Che Guevara,
baadae mwaka 1966 alirejea Cuba kumuaga kwa Fudel castro na kusafiri kwenda Bolivia kuendeleza harakati zake za kuzikomboa nchi za America ya kusini kutoka kwenye makucha ya Ubepari…aliingia Bolivia akiwa kama mfanyabiashara hasiyejulikana baada ya kunyoa upara, kuweka mvi bandia na kuyoa ndevu zake zote, akaweka kambi na baadhi ya wapiganaji wenzake aliowakuta Bolivia maeneo ya milima ya montane dry fores

Mwaka 1967, makachero wa Bolivia wakisaidiwa na CIA amabye alikuwa akiwakilsha ndugu Felix Rodriguez waligundua maficho ya ache na kundi lake huko milimani Bolivia, asubuhi ya October 8 mwaka 1967 wanajeshi takribani 1,800 walizingira maeneo yoote ya milima walikokuwa wamejificha akina Che na ikapiganwa vita ya masaa kadhaa na Che akipigwa Risasi za miguu na kukamatwa na wenzake,

Yasemekana baada ya kuzidiwa katika mapigano yale alisema

“Usifyatue risasi, mi ni Che Guevara nina thamani kubwa kuwa hai kuliko kunikamata nimekufa”

Alifungwa kama na wenzake akakamatwa na kupelekwa kijiji cha La higuera ambapo baada ya raisi wa Bolivia ndugu René Barrientos kusikia amekamtwa alitoa amri auwawe haraka sana, wakati huo huo CIA walimtaka apelekwe Panama akahojiwe kwa kina na salama yake ili hasiuwawe alikuwa apelekwe America japo haikutokea.
Siku moja kabal ya kuuwawa alichukuliwa na baadhi ya wanajeshi na kupiga picha ya kumbukumbu na kesho yake akauliwa na askari mmoja aliyejitolea na kumpiga risasi sita za kifua na kufa palepale

Kabla hajapigwa risasi na muuaji wake haya ndio yalikuwa maneno yake ya mwisho
“Najua umekuja kuniua, shoot mtu mwoga wewe!!! na ufahamu utakua umeua mwanaume kamili”

Aliacha wake wawili na watoto watano

Image may contain: 4 people, including Mollel Hillary Mollel, people smiling, text

Thursday, March 8, 2018

8:37 PM


#Huyu Benazir Bhutto mwanamke wa kwanza kuongoza taifa la Kiislamu .

Muongo mmoja baada ya mauaji yake umebaini yalioendelea Pakistan zaidi ikiwa kuusu aliyeagiza njama za mauaji yake.
Bhutto aliuawa mnamo tarehe 27 Disemba 2007 na mlipuaji wa kujitolea muhanga mwenye umri wa miaka 15 kwa jina Bilal.
Alikuwa amemaliza kampeni zake za uchaguzi katika mkutano wa kisiasa katika eneo la Rawalpindi wakati alipokaribia msafara wake akampiga risasi na kujilipua .
Bilal aliagizwa kutekeleza shambulio hilo na kundi la wapiganaji la Pakistan Taliban.
Benazir Bhutto alikuwa mwanawe wa kike Zulfikar Ali Bhutto , waziri mkuu wa kwanza Pakistan aliyechaguliwa kwa njia ya kidemokrasia .
Uongozi wake ulimalizwa baada ya kunyongwa na utawala wa kijeshi wa jenerali Zia-ulHaq. Benazir aliendelea na kuwa waziri mkuu mara mbili 1990, lakini hakuaminiwa na jeshi ambalo lilitumia madai ya ufisadi kumuondoa madarakani.
Wakati wa kifo chake, alikuwa akijiandaa kuwania muhula wa tatu kama waziri mkuu. Mauaji yake yalisababisha vita vya wenyewe kwa wenyewe nchini Pakistan.
Wafuasi wa Bhutto walifanya maandamano na kufunga barabara na kuwasha moto huku wakiimba nyimbo za kupinga mauaji ya kiongozi wao.
Jenerali na simu ya kutishia.
Muongo mmoja baadaye ,jenerali aliyekuwa akisimamia Pakistan wakati huo alikuwa amependekeza kwamba kuna watu katika utawala wake ambao walihusika na mauaji hayo.
Alipoulizwa iwapo kuna watu wabaya walioshirikiana na Taliban kuhusu mauaji hayo , Jenerali Pervez Musharraf alijibu: kuna uwezekano. Kweli. Kwa sababu jamii imegawanyika katika misingi ya kidini.
Na alisema watu hao huenda walihusika na mauaji yake. Ni taarifa ya kutatanisha kutoka kwa kiongozi wa zamani wa Pakistan .
Kawaida viongozi wa jeshi nchini Pakistan hukana madai yoyote kuhusu maoni ya ushirikiano wa serikali katika mashambulizi ya kijeshi ya jihadi.
Pervez Musharraf alikana kumtishia Bhutto katika simu
Pervez Musharraf alikana kumtishia Bhutto katika simu
Msaidizi wa muda mrefu wa Bhutto Mark Seighal na mwandishi Ron Suskind wote wanasema waliandamana na Bhutto wakati simu hiyo ilipopigwa kulingana na Seighal muda mfupi baada ya simu hiyo.
Bhutto alisema: alinitishia. Aliniambia nisirudi, alinionya nisirudi. Musharraf alisema kuwa hatawajibika na kitakachomfanyikia Bhutto iwapo atarudi, Seighal aliambia BBC.
Na alisema kuwa usalama wake utategemea uhusiano wao. Musharraf amekana kupiga simu hiyo na kupinga wazo kwamba huenda aliagiza mauaji yake.
Kwa kweli nilicheka, aliambia BBC hivi karibuni..Kwa nini nimuue?
Njama kali
Kesi dhidi ya Musharraf imekwama kwa sababu alitorokea mafichoni mjini Dubai.
Mwana wa Benazir Bhutto ambaye amemrithi mamake kisiasa Bilawal amekana matamshi ya Musharraf.
Musharraf alitumia kila njia ili kumuua mamangu, alisema. Kwa makusudi alihujumu usalama wake ili auawe na kuondolewa katika eneo la muaji.
PIcha za Bhutto akiupungia mkono umati na mshukiwa akimpiga risasi katyika mkutano uliofanyika katika eneo la Rawalpindi 27 December 2007.
Mshambuliaji alimpiga risasi kabla ya kujilipua
Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and closeup
Huku kesi ya Musharraf ikiwa imekwama , wengine wameachiliwa kwa kutenda uhalifu huo .
Katika wiki chache za mauaji hayo washukiwa watano walikiri kumsaidia kijana huyo wa miaka 15 Billal kumuua Bhutto kutokana na maagizo ya kundi la Taliban la Pakistan na lile la al-Qaeda.
Mtu wa kwanza kukamatwa , Aitzaz Shah, aliambiwa na kundi la Taliban la Pakistan kwamba ndiye atakayekuwa mlipuaji wa kujitolea aliyechaguliwa kumuua Bhutto.
Lakini baadaye akawekwa kama mlipuaji wa ziada iwapo jaribio la shambulio hilo litafeli.
Washukiwa wengine wawili Rasheed Ahmed na Sher Zaman , walikiri walikuwa wakipanga njama hiyo pamoja na binamu wao wawili katika eneo la Rawalpindi Hasnain Gul na Rafaqat Husain.
Waliambia mamlaka kwamba walitoa nyumba ya kulala ya Bilal usiku kabla ya mauaji hayo.
Hata iwapo ushahidi huo ulifutiliwa mbali , rekodi za simu zilionyesha maeneo ya washukiwa hao pamoja na mawasiliano yao saa chache kabla ya mauaji ya bi Bhutto .
Hasnain Gul aliwapeleka maafisa wa polisi na kuonyesha ushahidi katika nyumba aliokuwa akiishi.
Chembechembe za DNA kutoka mwili wa Bilal uliokusanywa baada ya shambulio hilo kabla ya kupimwa katika maabara zilithibitisha chembechembe kama hizo katika viatu vya mazoezi, kofia, na nguo ambayo Bilal alikuwa ameiwacha nyuma katika makaazi ya Husnain wakati alipovaa vesti ya kujilipua,
Watano hao wameachiliwa
Watu watano wanaodaiwa kupanga njama ya mauaji hayo walikamatwa mapema mwaka huu na polisi
Miezi michache iliopita , waendesha mashtaka walikuwa wanaamini kwamba watu hao watapatikana na hatia.

Lakini mnamo mwezi Septemba kesi hiyo ilianguka , huku jaji akitangaza kwamba kulikuwa na makosa kuhusu vile ushahidi ulivyokusanywa na kuwasilishwa mahakamani, hatua iliomlazimu kuwaachilia huru.
Watano hao bado wanaendelea kuzuiliwa huku rufaa ikitarajiwa.
Benazir Bhutto alikuwa nani?
Haki miliki ya pichaAFP
Ni mtu aliyetawala siasa za Pakistani ,Bi Bhutto alihudumu mara mbili kama waziri mkuu wa taifa hilo kutoka 1988 hadi 1990 na kutoka 1993 hadi 1996.
Akionekana kuwa mwenye umri mdogo na kupendeza , alifanikiwa kujionyesha kuwa mtu aliyeleta uongozi mpya ikilinganishwa na siasa za taifa hilo zilizotawaliwa na wanaume.
Lakini baada ya kuondolewa madarakani kwa mara ya pili , alishirikishwa na ufisadi na uongozi mbaya.
Bi Bhutto aliondoka Pakistan 1999 lakini akarudi 2007 baada ya rais aliyekuweko madarakani Musharraf kudai kwamba yeye na wengine hawakuhusika na maswala ya ufisadi.
Alitarajiwa kushiriki katika uchaguzi ulioitishwa na bwana Musharraf mnamo mwezi Januari 2008. Lakini msafara wake wa kurudi nyumbani mjini Karachi ulilipuliwa na mlipuaji wa kujitolea muhanga miezi miwili baadaye
Haki miliki ya pichaAFP
mumewe aliyekuwa rais
Azif Zardari amesema kuwa wale ambao hawajasikia uchungu alionao wanafaa kunyamaza
Nchini Pakistan, ni swala la kawaida kusikia watu wa kawaida wakimshutumu mumewe Bhutto Asif Zardari kwa kupanga njama ya mauaji hayo.
Madai hayo ni ya kawaida kutokana na imani kwamba baada ya kifo cha mkewe ni yeye aliyefaidi.
Mbinu hiyo hatahivyo haijatoa ushahidi hata mmoja kuonyesha kwamba Asif Zardari alihusika kwa njia yoyote ile kwa kifo cha mkewe.
Amekana madai hayo, na kuongeea kuwa wale wanaoleta madai kama hayo wanafaa kunyamaza.
Asif Zardari anakabiliwa na madai mengine : kwamba licha ya kuwa na uwezo wa rais alishindwa kuchunguza vizuri mauaji ya mkewe .
Nakala za siri zinazohusiana na uchunguzi na zilizopatikana na BBC zinaonyesha kuwa uchunguzi wa polisi ulifanywa vibaya hatua iliothibitisha kuwa hawakutaka kuwapata watu wengine na hatia zaidi ya wale iliowakamata.
Mapungufu ya uchunguzi wa polisi yalionekana baada ya jaribio ambalo halikufanikiwa kuhusu maisha ya Bhutto mnamo tarehe 18 Oktoba 2007 -miezi miwili na nusu kabla ya kuuawa.
Walipuaji wawili wa kujitolea muhanga walishambulia msafara wake na kuwaua zaidi ya watu 150 .
Ni miongoni mwa mauaji mabaya zaidi kuwahi kutekelezwa na Wanajihad nchini Pakistan.
Maafisa wa polisi walishindwa kutekeleza uchunguzi mzuri na kwamba hata walioshambulia pia hawakupatikana. kiongozi wa uchunguzi huo Saud Mirza , alisema kuwa mtu mmoja ambaye alimtambua kuwa mshambuliaji alikuwa na vitu vinavyoonyesha kuwa alitoka katika jamii ndogo mjini Karachi iliokuwa na asili ya Kiafrika.
Hatahivyo viasharia hivyo kuhusu mlipuaji huyo havikutolewa kwa umma. Aliyekuwa rais Zardari aliwajibu wakoasoaji wake kuhusu uchunguzi huo wa polisi akisema kuwa alishirikiuha maafisa wa ujasusi wa Uskochi mbali na kuanzisha uchunguzi uliofanywa na tume ya Umoja wa mataifa.
Uchunguzi huo hatahivyo ulidaiwa kuzuiliwa sio na jeshi pekee bali hata mawaziri wa rais Zardari. Kulikuwa na watu wengi katika utawala huo ambao ulitaka kuwachunguza lakini walikataa, alisema Heraldo Munoz, kiongozi wa tume hiyo ya UN.
Na Alisema kuwa baadhi ya vikwazo vilitoka kutoka kwa wanasiasa pamoja na wanajeshi. Huku uchunguzi ukiendelea, alisema nyumba salama iliokuwa ikitumiwa na UN ilichukuliwa mbali na maafisa wa kukabiliana na ugaidi waliokuwa wakiwalinda maafisa wa UN.
Msururu wa watu waliofariki...
Kwamba uchunguzi wa kifo hicho ulifichwa hakuna shaka.
Uchunguzi wa BBC ulibaini ushahidi ulioonyesha kuwa watu wawili waliomsaidia muuaji aliyejilipua kumfikia Benazir Bhutto walipigwa risasi katika kizuizi kimoja cha jeshi tarehe 15 Januari 2008 .
Afisa mmoja mkuu wa serikali ya Zardari aliambia BBC kwamba anaamini kwamba huo ulikuwa mpango wa kuzuia uchunguzi -Neno linalotumika na raia wa Pakistan kwa mauaji ya kiholela.
Nadir na Nasrulla Khan walikuwa wanafunzi wa Taliban waliokuwa wakiunga mkono Madrassa ya Haqqania kaskazini magharibi mwa Pakistan.
Wanafunzi wengine waliohusishwa na madrassa hiyo ambao pia walikuwa katika njama hiyo walifariki.
Nakala yenye maelezo zaidi iliopatikana na BBC iliwasilishwa katika bunge la mkoa la Sindh. Imetaja majina ya Abad ur Rehman, mwanafunzi wa zamani katika madrassa hiyo na mtengenezaji wa bomu kuwa watu waliosaidia kupatikana kwa vesti ya vilipuzi iliotumika kumuua Benazir Bhutto.
Aliuawa katika eneo moja la mashambani nchini Pakistan mnamo tarehe 13 mwezi Mei 2010. Baadaye kulikuwa na Abdullah ambaye kulingana na ripoti hiyo iliowasilishwa katika bunge la Sindh alihusika na usafirishaji wa vesti hiyo kabla ya kufanyika kwa mauaji hayo. Kifo cha mlinzi wake Khalid Shahenshah.
Shahenshah hakuwa mbali na Bhutto wakati alipokuwa akitoa hotuba yake mjini Rawalpindi.
Rekodi za mawasiliano ya simu zimeonyesha kuwa alifanya safari zisizo za kawaida ambazo hakuna mtu aliyeweza kutoa sababu yake.
Ijapokuwa hakuonyesha ishara zozote alionekana akimwangalia Bhutto kwa macho makali huku akijaribu kumshika shingo yake.
Picha za kitendo chake zilisambazwa na mnamo tarehe 22 mwezi Julai 2008, Shahenshah alipigwa risasi nje ya nyumba yake mjini Karachi.
Mwathiriwa mwengine ni mwendesha mashtaka wa serikali The next victim was the state prosecutor, Chaudhry Zulfikar. Akiwa wakili mwenye sifa nyingi aliwaambia marafikize kwamba anaendelea vyema na uchunguzi wa Bhutto.
Mnamo tarehe 3 mwezi Mei 2013 alipigwa risasi barabarani mjini Islamabad alipokuwa akipelekwa katika kesi moja
... na mtu aliyedaiwa kuwa amefariki lakini akabainika alikuwa hai
Hatimaye kulikuwa na mtu aliyedaiwa kuwa amefariki , lakini ukweli ni kwmba alikuwa hai. katika ushahidi wao, wapanagaji wa mauaji hayo walisema kwamba katika siku ya mauaji mlipuaji mwengine wa pili kwa jina Ikramullah aliandamana na Bilal.
Baada ya Bilal kufanikiwa katika jukumu lake ,huduma za Ikramullah hazikuhitajika na aliondoka bila kuumizwa
Miaka kadhaa baadaye maafisa wa Pakistani walisisitiza kuwa Ikramullah aliuawa katika shambulio la ndege isiokuwa na rubani.
Mwaka 2017 mwendesha mashtaka Mohammad Azhar Chaudhry aliambia BBC kwamba ushahidi uliopatikana kutoka kwa vitengo vya uchunguzi vya Pakistan ulithibitisha kuwa "Ikramullah alikuwa amefariki''.
Mnamo mwezi Agosti 2017, hatahivyo, mamlaka ya Pakistan ilichapisha kurasa 28 ya orodha ya magaidi wanaosakwa .
Katika nambari ya tisa ni Ikramullah, mkaazi wa kusini mwa Waziristan na alihusika katika mauaji ya Benazir Bhutto, orodha hiyo ilisema
BBC inaelewa kwamba Ikramullah sasa anaishi mashariki mwa Afghanistan ambapo amekuwa kamanda wa kadri wa Taliban nchini Pakistan.
Kufikia sasa ni maafisa wawili wa polisi pekee walioadhibiwa kuhusiana na mauaji hayo baada ya kuagiza eneo la mauaji hayo huko Rawalpindi kufungwa.
Raia wengi wa Pakistan wanahisi adhabu hiyo sio ya haki wakiamini kwamba maafisa wa polisi hawawezi kuchukua hatua hiyo bila agizo la jeshi.
Inaonyesha ukweli ulivyofichwa na serikali ya Pakistan-mbali na mtandao wa maafisa wa jeshi walioastaafu na wale wanaoendelea kuhudumu , wanaolinda maslahi ya kitaifa ya Pakistan.
CHANZO:bbc swahili
8:32 PM

{SIKU YA MWANAMKE DUNIANI }Huyu ndiye mwanamke shujaa aliyepigania uhuru TANGANYIKA,Aliwahi kufungwa kwa kosa la kutaka kupindua serikali ya Mwalimu Nyerere .

                                              SIKU YA MWANAMKE DUNIANI 

Huyu ndiye mwanamke shujaa aliyepigania uhuru TANGANYIKA,Aliwahi kufungwa kwa kosa la kutaka kupindua serikali ya Mwalimu Nyerere .
Huyu ndiye mwanamke shujaa aliyepigania uhuru TANZANIA na kufungwa kwa kosa la kutaka kupindua serikali.
1.Anaitwa Bibi Titi Mohammed Ambaye alizaliwa mwaka 1926 katika mkoa Dar Es Salaam.
2. Bibi Titi Mohammed alikuwa ni rafiki mkubwa wa Mwalimu Nyerere kwasababu walishiriki wote kupigania uhuru.
3.Bibi Titi Mohammed ni wanachama wachache sana ambao ndio waanzilishi wa Chama cha Tanu ambacho kilileta uhuru Tanzania.
4.mwaka 1969 alikamatwa na kuwekwa ndani na serikali ya Mwalimu Nyerere kwa kosa la kupanga kupindua serikali.

5.mwaka 1972 Bibi Titi Mohammed aliachiwa huru baada ya kukaa ndani kwa miaka 2 kutokana na kupewa msamahaa na rais.
6.Bibi Titi Mohammed Aliachwa na mme wake kutokana na kujihusisha na siasa enzi za kudai uhuru,lakini licha ya kuachwa na mme wake aliendelea na mapambano.
7. Mwaka 1991 wakati Tanzania ikisherekea miaka 30 ya uhuru aliandikwa mbele ya Gazeti uhuru kama mtu shujaa aliyeshiriki kwenye mapambano ya kudai uhuru.
8.mwaka 2000 Bibi Titi Mohammed Alifariki dunia nchini Afrika KUsini wakati akipata matabu.
9.Katika kuenzi mchango wa Bibi Titi Mohammed Serikali ya Tanzania iliamua kuipa barabara moja jijini Dar es Salaam jina la Bibi Titi Mohammed.
10.Bibi Titi Mohammed licha kupata misukosuko ya kisiasa mpaka kufikia hatua ya kufungwa kwa kosa la kutaka kupindua serikali ya mwalimu Nyerere
Ataendelea kukumbukwa kama mwanamke shujaa aliyepigania uhuru enzi za ukoloni,
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