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Meet with On Yavin from United Kingdom who is CEO and Founder of Cointelligence company

Author :  Respicius Francis  \

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                          Mr:On Yavin

Again, as the CEO of www.tanzaniaclassic.com had another privilege to interview  On Yavin  from   United Kingdom 
 On Yavin: is the founder and CEO at Cointelligence www.cointelligence.com  , the data layer for the crypto economy. He has extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor, as well as more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry. On uses his deep hands-on experience and knowledge of online marketing to create winning strategies for ICOs, crypto, and blockchain companies. Having earned the reputation of a crypto expert, On continues to contribute to this industry in ways that advance cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. On has a law degree (LLB) and is also a certified Advocate by the Israeli Bar Association.

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          Mr:On Yavin

And here are the following questions I asked him.

 #Respicius Francis :Tell us Cointelligence   www.cointelligence.com
On Yavin : Cointelligence was founded in August 2017 as the data layer and central nervous system of the crypto economy. It creates relevant tools for investors, namely an impartial and accurate ICO list and rating system While it is possible to find huge amounts of data widely available to the public, collecting everything and taking only what you need is not an easy task. Cointelligence was created to bridge this information gap in the crypto economy. It is a market maker, focused on bringing blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the masses through the use of fundamental economics, real-time market data, and great industry coverage.  www.cointelligence.com

 #Respicius Francis ;How much monetary Capital did you invest to start your business?
On Yavin ;Not interested to share this information.

 #Respicius Francis ;What challenges did you face when starting your business in the very beginning? On Yavin ;Explaining people what we do, some of them are having a hard time understanding. Also people are afraid of crypto and read about crypto in the mainstream media channels and get the wrong information. 

#Respicius Francis How many people are employed in your company up to date?
 On Yavin ;21 team members

 #Respicius Francis :What success have you gained after starting your company?
On Yavin :We are getting very positive feedback from the crypto community.

 #Respicius Francis :What does exactly Cointelligence deal with?
 On Yavin :Cointelligence is the data layer of the crypto economy and a leading ICO listing and rating site. While it is possible to find huge amounts of data widely available to the public, collecting everything and taking only what you need is not an easy task, so we at Cointelligence are trying to create the bridge for this information gap in the crypto economy. Our main focus over the last few months has been our impartial and accurate ICO rating system. We score each ICO and we present the score in a unique way that allows the investors and traders to understand what they need to know about the ICO. In addition, we make it our mission to help the community in many ways, be it from appearing at conferences, speaking on how to do ICOs and how to detect scams, teaching young adults and teenagers about crypto, and calling out scams, corrupt advisors, and corrupt listing sites. 

#Respicius Francis :What (you think) is the uniqueness of your company as compared to other companies doing similar/the same business?
On Yavin :What makes Cointelligence unique is that while we are not a non-profit, ethically, we act as one. What I mean by this is that we will never jeopardize the community or our reputation to make a few extra bucks. Our main focus is to help the crypto community and to ensure a safe environment for investors, and ICO makers alike. In addition to our ethics, we have the most sophisticated crypto experts on our team, and none of our competitors are able to come close to our rating system, both in terms of accuracy, and impartiality. One thing that really makes us stand out from the crowd is that we will NEVER accept payment for ratings. While other companies accept payment to hand out good ratings we do the exact opposite and make it our mission to call out scams every chance we get. In addition to calling out scams, we call out anyone who is acting in a corrupt or unethical manner, such as advisors and listing sites that accept bribes.

 #Respicius Francis :What is your inspirational call to Youths who face many challenges in attaining their goals?
On Yavin:I believe that crypto and blockchain are the future and because it is so new, it really evens the playing ground and gives everyone an opportunity to become part of it. There are many ways for young people to get involved in this world, whether it is learning blockchain development, buying cryptocurrency, mining, and even getting involved in bounty programs. My inspirational call to youths that face challenges in attaining their goals is to do anything they can to get involved in this young industry, because just as crypto and blockchain are the future, so is our youth. Also, never stop believing in yourself and dont listen to people who are scared of the “crypto light” and follow your heart and your dreams.

 @Respicius Francis: What are future expectations in your business?
On Yavin:Our future expectations are that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies will continue to grow and will become totally mainstream. In that process, we intend to grow and adapt to the industry, while continuing to provide the most valuable tools that the cryptosphere needs. We will continue to strive to open the blockchain and crypto industry to the masses in an open, transparent, and fair manner.

 #Respicius Francis: How do you manage to survive (maintain the business) in such great competitions with other companies?
On Yavin:We don’t just manage to survive, we set the bar for our competition. We will be here for the long run because our long-term goals outweigh the short term get rich quick goals that our competitors have.

 #Respicius Francis :May you tell us your experience, what are the best ways that youths can do in order to become successful in entrepreneurship?
On Yavin:Get advice but always trust yourself and your feeling more than anyone else. Work hard and learn as much as possible, if you don't work around the clock you won't be able to be a real entrepreneur. There are no shortcuts. It takes a lot of hard work to become successful. Do not partner with unethical people even if it seems like a good way to get funds quickly or get things done faster - there are no shortcuts.

 #Respicius Francis: What is your advice to the Youths who say that they are unable to employ themselves because they lack Capital?
On Yavin:They should learn blockchain and crypto and they will get a good job when they become knowledge enough. There are many jobs out there in the industry.

 #Respicius Francis : What means do you use to advertise the products of your company?
On Yavin:We write a lot of content and share it online, We do SEO and we attend events for brand awareness.
 #Respicius Francis Do you know Tanzania country??
On Yavin: I haven’t been there yet, but of course I know of Tanzania.

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