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Meet with JazzMond Robinson from U.S.A who is CEO and Founder of Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home company

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             mr:JazzMond Robinson

Again, as the CEO of www.tanzaniaclassic.com had another privilege to interview  JazzMond Robinson  from U.S.A who is CEO and Founder of  Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home company,
    He is carrying out different issues including business as a matter of generating income but also to motivate and inspire young people and entrepreneurs at large.He is one of the few entrepreneurs dared and took risk to make sure his dreams comes true through self employment (entrepreneurship).

          And here are the following questions I asked him.

#Respicius Francis:Can tell us about your life history in short?
 JazzMond Robinson I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone. My grandfather and grandmother worked for the local funeral home in town. I spent a lot of time with them, so I was at the funeral a lot as a kid.

 #Respicius Francis :.What is Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home?
 JazzMond Robinson :Lakeside Memorial is a full service funeral home where we provide everything dealing with final disposition including embalming and cremation.

 #@Respicius Francis :.What is the difference between your funeral home and other funeral homes that are providing the same service?
 JazzMond Robinson :At Lakeside Memorial we provide "Signature Service". We go beyond the normal funeral tradition to make each service a unique and personalized service. This is where our slogan comes from "Signature Service"

 #Respicius Francis.When did the company start its operation?
 JazzMond Robinson :We purchased the building in February of 2016 and we opened in July of 2016 #Respicius Francis :How many customers can be served per day?
 JazzMond Robinson :We have no limit to how many we can serve a day. We are in the business of serving 24 hours a day.

 #Respicius Francis :What pushed you to start this company?
 JazzMond Robinson :I wanted have a business to leave my children as well as the generations that come behind me, as well as give the community some different options in funeral service industry. 

#Respicius Francis :How do you manage to compete with other company doing the same business? JazzMond Robinson :I continue to treat families fair, with respect, dignity, and strive to provide "Signature Service"

 #Respicius Francis :Are the people living in lower income areas able to afford the services of your company?
 JazzMond Robinson :Definitely! We provide to all people, no matter what level of income or status. Everyone who comes through our doors are treated like royalty.

 #Respicius Francis :Since the introduction of the company which advantages have you got? JazzMond Robinson :Change! Looking at the funeral profession in my are I noticed that the funeral industry hadn't changed in decades. I wanted to bring change and something different in which people had received extremely well.

 #Respicius Francis :Which challenges are you facing in the operation of the company?
 JazzMond Robinson :Pretty much the same challenges any new business would face. You get backlash from your competitors, from others in the community, but its all in business. I never take it to heart.

 #Respicius Francis.Are you planing to extend your services out boarders especially in Africa where these services are not there?
 JazzMond Robinson :Yes! I definitely plan on expanding just here in the U.S. but also back home in Africa. Eventually I want to move back home to run the business there.

 #Respicius Francis :Is the environment friendly in U.S. to support your Business?
 JazzMond Robinson :It is to a certain point. You face many challenges opening a new business and its even harder as black business, but you just have to keep striving and pushing forward.

 #Respicius Francis :.Is the U.S government giving you cooperation when you want to start your business?
 JazzMond Robinson :Yes, they never gave me an issue. Opening a funeral home here is more on the state level of operations verses federal.

 #Respicius Francis What are your future expectation for your business?
 JazzMond Robinson :To expand and grow!

 #Respicius Francis : How do you inspire the youth who face many challenges in attaining their goals?
 JazzMond Robinson :I do it by showing them first. I talk to a lot of young men, especially young black men, and I try to convey to them on how this world really works. A lot of them want to be professional athletes and always explain to them that you can be whatever you want, but you need to always have a backup plan because sometimes life goes in another direction. .

# Respicius Francis How many people are employed in your company up to date?
 JazzMond Robinson :We have 7 employees at the company.

 #Respicius Francis :How much monetary capital did you invest to start your business?
 JazzMond Robinson :$10,000

 #Respicius Francis :What challenges did you face when starting your business in the very beginning? JazzMond Robinson :Many challenges, contractors messing up, money running low, new rules from the state being established meaning more money having to be spent. I feel like those are all challenges that any new business is going to face.

 #Respicius Francis :.May you tell us your experience, what are the best ways that the youth can do in order to become successful in entrepreneurship?
 JazzMond Robinson :I don't put it on the youth as much as I put it on the parents. Parents need to start teaching their children about business and finance. A lot of kids especially black children have no clue about finance, retirement, 401K, bonds, or investment. I feel like it starts at home in teaching your child and preparing them for the real world about money.

 #Respicius Francis.What are your future expectations for Lakeside?
 JazzMond Robinson :Like I said earlier, I plan to continue to grow, expand, and grow. To make Lakeside not just a funeral home but a place where people can learn and expand in there own lives. Hopefully one day be able to come back home to Africa.
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