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Best inspirational quotes today from Anthony T. Smith,who is CEO and Founder of Anthony Smith & Fully Committed band From (U.S.A),

           Anthony T. Smith, Sr.Anointed, talented, amazing, this young man with the heart of David has conquered, defeated and overcome many of life’s situations and has now been set apart to be the great man of God that he was called to be. Preacher, teacher, singer, worship leader are all just a few titles that could be combined with his awesome talents to astound others in his presence but none could compare to being husband, father, son and friend.
 Anthony T. Smith Sr., was born on November 3, 1984 in Bridgeport, CT to Sherrilyn Smith and Paul Johnson. He attended Bridgeport Public Schools where he graduated from Warren Harding High School.
  At the young age of thirteen, Anthony accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior on April 24, 1998. One night while praying in his room, young Anthony was filled with the Precious Holy Spirit; his turning point on a journey that would forever change his world and ultimately his life’s journey

                                  [Best inspirational quotes today from Anthony T. Smith, Sr   ]
1.If lives are not being changed, you’re not ministering,       you’re performing.

2.Your body has it’s own language. It’ll tell an entire story, while your mouth is closed. Words mean absolutely nothing when your actions are speaking loud and clear.

3.Pain will teach you a lesson, pride will not let you learn.

4.Opinions: they’ll never stop me from doing what God has destined me to do, and they shouldn’t stop you either. Now go and be great In Jesus!

5.Ponder upon this: when you refuse to change, you forfeit your access to the future. Live in the now, prepare for the future.

6.The devil is once again defeated; God won again

7.On your road to success, you're going to meet people that are either a lesson or a blessing. Both are a vital asset for your journey <

8.Life becomes simple when you learn to give some people the gift of goodbye.

9.Here’s a sad truth: sometimes you have to leave people where you found them. You’ll be more effective when you recognize who’s seeking help and who’s seeking attention. ‬

10.you cannot want more for others, than they want for themselves. You can see the potential and greatness in them, but unless they see it and believe it, your efforts to push them will be useless.

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