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Meet ERIC KINOTI, One of Kenya's Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs

Author :  Respicius Francis  
Again, as the CEO of www.tanzaniaclassic.com had another privilege to interview  ERIC KINOTI IS an entrepreneur from KENYA . He is carrying out different issues including business as a matter of generating income but also to motivate and inspire young people and entrepreneurs at large.
 Eric Kinoti is a Kenyan entrepreneur of African descent born in Mombasa on 8 March 1984  Along with being the Founder and CEO of Shade systems EA.ltd, a million dollar enterprise that has a presence in over 6 countries , he is on the boards of several prominent East African companies. He has won several awards in East Africa and internationally, has gained recognition for his entrepreneurial endeavors, and is also a noted philanthropist.
 He is the Kenyan youth patron in the Kenyan Chamber of commerce and has received recognition as a youth entrepreneur from Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta.[3] Apart from appearing on Forbes Africa's Annual List of 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa twice[4],[5],he received Kenya's SOMA Awards in 2014 for being the Most Influential SME Personality in Kenya in
   And here are the following questions I asked him.

Respicius Francis: Tell us about yourself
Eric Kinoti: I am Eric Kinoti. I am an Entrepreneur. I am the Founder and CEO of Shade Systems (EA) Ltd, Alma Tents Solutions Ltd, Bag Base Kenya and Entrepreneurs Boot Camp.
Respicius Francis: Which business are you dealing with in Kenya?
Eric Kinoti: Shade Systems manufactures and installs different types of tents and shade solutions while Alma Tents Solutions Ltd, hires tents and events accessories, events’ management and marketing. Bag Base Kenya makes all types of bags from the offcuts materials that Shade Systems uses. Entrepreneurs Boot Camp is an event/ company I started in 2014 to mentor and inspire young Kenyans who have ideas and what to venture into Entrepreneurship. Most young people have great ideas but they have no idea on where to start. This is where I was when I seriously decide to start my first business. With no degree, coming from a rural area and with no connections in the city to kick start me, my journey was bumpy. I always had the desire to see other entrepreneurs grow and sail through tough times without going through what I went through. The Entrepreneurs Boot Camp aims at offer a platform for entrepreneurs to get mentored, network, learn from experiences of others, encourage each other and do business
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Respicius Francis:Why have decided to do that business??
Eric Kinoti: I decided to do these businesses because the opportunity came my way and I capitalized on them.
Are you employed by the government or private sector?
I am self-employed therefore I am in the private sector..
Respicius Francis:. Which challenges are you facing in your business?
Eric Kinoti:Like any business that involves a lot of B2C and B2B there is a lot of operations challenges that can come along the way especially when the volumes of orders are large and inconsistent. Being able to handle such challenges when they come despite experience can still be quite hard at times.
Respicius Francis:: Kenya government giving you cooperation when you to start your business?
Eric Kinoti: Yes ,Because mine are kenyan manufactured products
Respicius Francis:Which methods are using to advertise your buseness??
Eric Kinoti: I use word of mouth advertising and referrals,This especially works because my products are excellent ,It usually happens that the products sells itself .lam thorough with my final product to ensure customer satisfaction....i lso have an aggressive marketing team
Respicius Francis:.Is there good environment in Kenya of doing business or entrepreneurship for youths?
Eric Kinoti: Yes the environment is certainly good,the government encourage the youths to be innovative and self- starters especially with the current unemployment rates , .the is also many untapped opportunities which make the environment very good for business
Respicius Francis:Kenya the issue of unemployment to youths in which extent for this moment??
Eric Kinoti: There is a very high unemployment rate among the youth in Kenya as more and more youth are coming out of schools into the job market and find it flooded with other unemployed youth. It is very hard for qualified youth to get jobs in Kenya.
Respicius Francis:.Is it easy for the entrepreneur like you to get loan?
Eric Kinoti: Compared to the past years it is nowadays easier for entrepreneurs to get loans especially if they have a good plan. There are several youth funding opportunities for young entrepreneurs provided by both the government and private venture capitalists that the Kenyan youth can capitalize on if they come up with creative and innovative business ideas
Respicius Francis:What are your future expectation in your business that you are doing?
Eric Kinoti: It can only get bigger and better. My expectation is to cover Africa with my brands and to create more opportunities across the continent while inspiring young people in Africa. My expectation is that my business will grow and excel in Africa 
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