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Exclusive interview with Lamar McKinney from [U.S,A ]who will conduct BlackOut Worship Experience Tour in U.S.A and AFRICA .

Author :  Respicius Francis  
 Again, as the CEO of www.tanzaniaclassic.com had another privilege to interview Lamar McKinney who is  CEO of GIF Events and    Gospel Island Festival  From (U.S.A),He is Motivate and inspire young people    
                                         Mr;Lamar McKinney
Lamar McKinney will conduct BlackOut Worship Experience Tour in U.S.A  and  Africa ,,
:Lamar McKinney is 31 years old, and a dedicated Meeting and Event Planner/ Coordinator with 5years+ experience in corporate meeting planning. He is a detail-oriented professional with strengths in event creation, planning and execution. Lamr started his hospitality career at 25, working as field staff for a destination management company while working as a personal assistant for the late Peppi Hendrix Of South Florida Gospel Music Awards, and Gospel Announcers Guild. He continued his career as a corporate meeting planner for TMB Ministries Inc, planning worldwide National Gospel Entertainment Concerts. For much of his career, Lamar lent his talents to other gospel arenas, in the state of florida. In his role as Account Manger and then as Director of Operations, he helped countless corporations plan exciting, memorable and successful meetings and events. He has been responsible for a wide variety of events, including high end incentives, large scale sales meetings and corporate tailgate parties. Now as the President, CEO of GIFEVENTS INC, he brings years of experience and talent to lead a dynamo team of customer service oriented masterful event planners.
                        Mr;Lamar McKinney
####And here are the following questions I asked him.###### 

#Respicius Francis : Tell us about blackout worship experience?
 Lamar McKinneyGod has given me the vision to create an atmosphere of total black out so that those that have been shy, and afraid of how they would be seen as they worship Him, to let them know if you were to close your eyes you will be in total darkness, not having to no longer worry about who is watching. That’s were the BlackOut Worship Experience Tour came in to play to allow people to experience the glory of God in darkness, which enhances the experience of God. So we set forth to create a move of true worship starting in West Palm Beach Florida. Now Touring to Houston TX, Mississippi, LA, Baltimore, Tanzania Africa, Atlanta, New Jersey
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 #Respicius Francis :What are the objectives of that concert ??
Lamar McKinney:To create an Intimate Atmosphere with God, cause whats hes set to reach on these tour locations, is just blind blowing, so make sure your in the place of worship.

 #Respicius Francis :How much cost you have incurred for the preparation of the concert?
 Lamar McKinney :Each Tour would cost us on average 10-30 thousand US dollars.

 #Respicius Francis :which ways and strategies you have employed to facilitate this Event?
 Lamar McKinney :We Look for target maket within the area we a planning to tours, demographics, number of churches, religious entities etc, to find out what there look for in a concert in there suggested areas.

 #Respicius Francis:.How many choirs will be there and the number of gospel music singers?
 Lamar McKinney:We have 20 artist lined up for the entire series of Tours ranging from National Recording Artist, and Independent Artist from around the world (US, Africa, London, Brazil) 

#Respicius Francis :How many people in number you expect to have in that concert?
 Lamar McKinney:Thats awesome question after do a consenses we have gathered information that this will be a SOLDOUT Event with 3000 in attendance.

 # Respicius Francis :How many constituencies where this concert will be held in USA?
 Lamar McKinney:5

 #Respicius Francis :How will you manage to prepare the costly event like that or you have got a sponsor?
 Lamar McKinney: : Are strategies, and marketing methods can not be listed.

 #Respicius Francis :What pushed and motivated you to prepare this event together with Tanzania Classic in Tanzania ?
Lamar McKinney: this is a global movement of God, and when opportunities are presented to you we must not sit and wait, cause that same opportunity or something better may not come back again. 

#Respicius Francis :When are you expecting and planning to come in Africa in order to make arrangement of preparing this concert?
 Lamar McKinney:We are set to take flight to Tanzania Africa before the new year.

 #Respicius Francis:Which challenges are you facing during this moment of preparing the concert? Lamar McKinney: Just very minor challenges like having artist on the lineup that like to sit in there spot, and not help with promotions, the timing of each artist to receive what was asked of them. 

#Respicius Francis :.which achievements have you reached since you have started preparing these events?
 Lamar McKinney:more oneness with God, and his people, more business minded, was able to create great business relationship, as we were endorsed by President Obama in 2016, we just let our work speak for itself, as God sends us the right people to connect with.

 #Respicius Francis:.Can you give us in short some hints on how the concert is held?
 Lamar McKinney:Would love to answer that question Mr. Francis, but i can't answer that you, and the guest would have to be the to experience this move move.

 #Respicius Francis:Which group age is always active in attending the concerts?
 Lamar McKinney:Age group of 18-40 years of age.

 Lamar McKinney:We at GIF Events Inc. and the BlackOut Worship Staff would like to take this time to thank you for this opportunity to present ourselves again on this platform, and looking for to a future partnership with you, and your staff at Tanzania Classic. Be Blessed! Like
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