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BY David Maluki
This world is full of wonders and will never cease to amaze. Ladies want to date an established, financially secure man. When they get one and they later discover he is marred, they act all surprised, hurt and betrayed. They then go round,  saying how they didn’t know the man wasn’t single and brand all men “dogs”

Men are not dogs. It is you ladies who are hard headed and never listen. You were already told that behind every successful man there is a woman. And you want a successful….what do you expect? If you meet a handsome man at a high end entertainment joint, sipping an expensive drink, that is definitely not your future husband that’s someone current.

Your future husband is somewhere in a dingy cyber café trying to win a multiple bet on sportpesa,  siping on a quarter of one of those strong gins that test like python’s saliva waiting for you to back his success
Men who spend money on side dishes must be accorded their end of bargain.

Otherwise how else do you expect him to remain the envy of his boys? Especially when other men are bragging about there escapades during the “trashy hours” talk in bar when midnight waves away and the tiny hours of the morning beckons

For those lucky  and bolds to date the multibillionaire known to have several car and wives as well, I see you occasionally borrowing  one of the car that you will use to brag about to your girls during those chama meeting . What I want remind you dear sisters, if she have the temerity to marry several wives, what makes you think that you are only his side dish?

This is a man used to eating life with a big spoon. He is used to seven course meal and you could easily be the soup and the bread  in his meal……I cannot  close this session without addressing college girls, nay those who have finished their studies waiting to graduate or have recently graduated.

Your business with your male lecture and the trigonometry that also brought your college grade in the mix should now be the thing of the past.

If you were played and the marks were not adjusted, dust your sorry bum and get on with life. You are not the first one to be cheated and you are not the last. If you got an even award for your panting, girl you are lucky. Its over. Get on with life.

Remember your lecture is still making many other script this year. As far as he his concerned  you are a chapter that he completed in his book of life. To him you are not different  from last year academic calendar. You are closed matter.

So stop pestering him over your basic needs, he is now addressing others people wants. Ladies are we together..?
SOURCE ://dvdmaluki.blogspot.com
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