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SHELBY PARRIS an entrepreneur from United State of America (U.S)

 Again, as the CEO of had another privilege to interview SHELBY PARRIS an entrepreneur from United State of America (U.S). He is carrying out different issues including business as a matter of generating income but also to motivate and inspire young people and entrepreneurs at large. He is one of the few young entrepreneurs dared and took risk to make sure his dreams comes true through self employment (entrepreneurship). Shelby also is an Author of books and has written a book called "Change your Subconscious and accomplish'' and the book is available in some books stores in U.S but also in different website including Apart from that, he is also a public speaker and also he is selling t-shirts branded by him. Far most, Shelby is doing another business called " Credit restoration Business''.

SHELBY PARRIS  inspire young people and entrepreneurs at large.

And here are the following questions I asked him.

  .#Respicius Francis ;  Shelby your are welcome, Please Tell us about yourself
 @SHELBY PARRIS  ;To start I was born and raised in New Jersey of the United States. I would say I’ve always had a knack for entrepreneurship. I come from a bloodline of leaders, bosses, managers, and captains; I always was one to work hard towards my goals and the older I got, the more I learned and the more I applied to life and my businesses.
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 #Respicius Francis ; . What are you dealing with in U.S?
 @SHELBY PARRIS  ;I consider myself a serial entrepreneur. I have a growing credit restoration business, a clothing brand, a book, and am a public speaker. I recently just finished my second book so I’ll be releasing that soon and just got back into training youth basketball teams for some more extra money.
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  #Respicius Francis ;Why have you chosen that kind of business?
 @SHELBY PARRIS  ;My clothing brand came first, that came after I got the tattoo of what’s now my logo on my arm and my tattoo man Curly and I said I should put it on shirts and sell it. My book and speaking came at the same time since those are pretty much connected, but I planned on writing the book for about a year before I wrote it, I knew I had a message and story to tell that was going to change lives and wanted to be that impact. Same reason why I invested into credit restoration; it was an area that I saw my community struggles in, and saw this as another way to make a change.

 #Respicius Francis ;. Can you be employed and at the same time carrying your business?
 @SHELBY PARRIS  ;I do still have a part time job working for a before and after school program, it’s only part time so I have a lot of time to schedule and make calls during the day for my credit business. Then my book just sells on Amazon. Making and delivering clothes is the most time consuming. And when it comes to speaking engagements, I’m always prepared so when I get booked I just have to show up.

 #Respicius Francis ; . Challenges are part of any business, are you facing any?
 @SHELBY PARRIS  ;Business will always be up and down when you’re first starting out so that’s my biggest struggle. Just have to keep marketing my businesses and growing my brands.

  #Respicius Francis ;  . Are you getting any support from the U.S government?
 @SHELBY PARRIS  ;My only connection with the government is paying my taxes.

 #Respicius Francis ;. How much did you used as a capital to start your business?
 @SHELBY PARRIS  ;Each business was different but I was able to start with the most being about $300 and made it back right away.

 #Respicius Francis ;. . Advertisement is part of any business, How do you advertise your business? @SHELBY PARRIS  ;Social media is definitely the best source. You can connect with so many networks around the world and market any and everything with individual pages.

 #Respicius Francis ;. Is the U.S environment condusive/supportive especially for youth?
@SHELBY PARRIS  ; It’s a tossup. Really it’s just comes to a matter of how educated you are, what you have, and the early support. If you market yourself heavy and draw a lot of support early your business can grow fast. You can be an eight-year old girl with a cupcakes and if she’s drawing in enough traffic your business will grow fast, especially if it’s quality.
 10. To which extent is unemployment a problem in U.S especially for youth? It’s definitely not easy for the younger generations because so many positions are already taken by baby boomers. I can’t speak for all the youth but I recommend everybody to have multiple streams of income, especially the younger generation.

  #Respicius Francis ; . What about loans, is it easy for young/upcoming entrepreneurs like you to get loans?
@SHELBY PARRIS  ; I can’t say, I made sure to create my own capital and grow my businesses from my pockets rather than taking out a loan.

 . #Respicius Francis ;  How does the U.S government help youths who are unemployed?
 @SHELBY PARRIS  ;Nothing other than not taking out a bunch of taxes for students.

#Respicius Francis ; Do you know anything about the country of Tanzania?

#Respicius Francis ; . What are your future expectations in relation to your business?
 @SHELBY PARRIS  ; I will continue to keep investing back into my businesses and growing them as fast and efficient as I can
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This book will save your life, written by SHELBY PARRIS

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